5 extraordinary wooden accessories


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5 extraordinary wooden accessories

George Knight George Knight
不拘一格  by Outdoorz Gallery, 隨意取材風
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For as long as man can remember, wood has been used as a traditional building material and for the manufacture of furniture and tools. Indeed, it is a raw material used by prehistoric man for making tools for hunting, preparing meals and for building rudimentary shelters. It is surprising that even in 2014, several thousand years later, we still can find new processing techniques and new applications for this timeless material. Nevertheless, the  technological advances of the twentieth and twenty-first century, as well as our ever-changing needs, has enabled us to push the boundaries of our world of possibilities a little further. So today we want to present you five different wooden accessory designs that prove creativity has boundaries. 

Wood in a digital world

Contrast insured for the simple and elegant design project experts wooden There's no fire to the lake . Born of the marriage between two wood turners of experience and a passionate designer, this company performs in fact a range of home products all come with designer turned wood. We like in the draft in the photo, the contrast between the natural material of the base with the futuristic digital tablet, stepped in a humorous way by the image of tree trunks displayed on the tablet. Nevertheless, this simple and elegant object is ideal for your daily activities, whether to read a recipe while preparing meals in the kitchen, watching videos in your living room or on the comfort of your own couch.

Delicate shade

For this special order, of the Milanese design company Danese , the star of French industrial design M Atali Crasset , whose achievements are part of the permanent collection of MoMA and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris , makes this shade a amazingly simple but impressive product. A single sheet of pressed wood is held by metal clips to form a slight dome that gently diffuses the light from the central bulb. Evolute is its name and it can be connected directly to the design of a home, making it easier for transportation and its delicate appearance radiates the rich veins of wood that dot the surface. Outstanding design!

A classic reinvented

The lab design of  Thomas de Lussac  is behind this innovative project that seeks to rethink a classic French style furniture: a Louis XVI chair! Thus, this new chair takes the genre's very familiar profile, and brings is right into the modern day. However, it is important to mention that no computer resources were used to develop this product: multiple thin strips of oak were assembled in a traditional way, by using the advanced cabinetmaking methods of the French association  PercheBois .

Modular rocker

Here, we see another classic reinvented! The classic rocking chair takes on a new form in this innovative project by eco-friendly designers Outdoorz Gallery. As pictured, the backrest can be moved, allowing you a variety of sitting positions. Side by side or face to face, this ingenious creation made entirely of solid wood will help you to vary your dialogues between discussions with family and friends. And what better thought than drinking an ice cold lemonade on a rocking chair during the summer months. 

Wooden cubes

For the last piece of this article, we have an innovative made with wood: it is not a cube made of wood, but small ottomans made from vinyl flooring which resemble wood! This concept will surely surprise your guests, in addition to reusing construction waste which is too often abandoned. We can all agree that these cute decorative items would go perfectly in a contemporary styled cottage or a room for children with a forest theme.

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