​Sensearchitects Limited: Luxurious interiors in Hong Kong


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​Sensearchitects Limited: Luxurious interiors in Hong Kong

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 臥室 by Sensearchitects Limited
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Our latest homify 360° discovery turns the tables a bit. Where our previous articles highlight a particular project, this one focuses on a specific professional by providing various images that detail a variety of their designs.

The professionals in charge today? Hong Kong-based Sensearchitects Limited, a seasoned interior design company.

With an all-inclusive portfolio that speaks of numerous clients and projects, not to mention different spaces and structures in various countries, Sensearchitects Limited believes that experimental work is the core function of its daily practice. Only through experimenting with different styles, materials, and concepts can one discover another direction and challenge one’s limits, something which this design company does day to day. After all, architecture and design are boundless, limited only by our imaginations. 

In addition, Sensearchitects Limited is also fully committed to research – not only to better understand the core values of design or to assist with clients’ wants and desires, but also to help the firm define and challenge what architecture means to all of us. And that is exactly why this company’s vision stretches far beyond residential interior design and, instead, includes a myriad of services such as construction, home decorating, furniture design, brand concepts, events design, wedding and invitations, and even company letterpresses. 

However, for the sake of inspiration, today we’ll be viewing some imagery that detail the interior-design side of Sensearchitects Limited’s services. 

Which one will inspire you more? Let’s find out…

1. Aureus

Sporting a modern-meets-Scandinavian look exquisitely, this residential house immediately makes one feel welcome with its combination of homely materials (like wood) and colours (soft neutrals).  

However, the pièce de résistance must be this main bedroom suite with its king-size bed, plush furnishings and dream-like view.

2. Kirby Lobby

Opting for a slightly harder look with its choice of materials (stone, metal and glass reign supreme), this commercial space – a reception lobby – shows that even the corporate world can be privy to a bit of elegant dazzle. 

The prize piece? Undoubtedly this decadent chandelier of glass balls cascading down from the triple-height ceiling to ensure a warm and welcoming glow.

3. Tai Po House

 房子 by Sensearchitects Limited
Sensearchitects Limited

A dining room without boundaries

Sensearchitects Limited

For this residential project (where the brief stipulated the renovation of a two-storey house in the countryside of Hong Kong), a series of structural changes were brought about to up the amount of natural lighting streaming indoors. In addition, the exterior façade was coated with a special paint to reduce the amount of heat gain. 

Here we get a glimpse of an open-plan dining room and kitchen that both roll out onto a spacious wooden deck – ideal for hosting large crowds.  

Let’s examine a few more images to further stimulate our creativity…

4. JuglansNigra – The well-planned layout of a seamless dressing room and bathroom

 浴室 by Sensearchitects Limited
Sensearchitects Limited

Dress up and Make up

Sensearchitects Limited

5. A modern rooftop swimming pool

 泳池 by Sensearchitects Limited
Sensearchitects Limited

Roof Top Swimming Pool

Sensearchitects Limited

Want an in-depth look at one of Sensearchitects Limited’s projects? Behold: The fresh and clean design of Quercus Alba.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS