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Bedroom Feng Shui tips from an award-winning interior designer

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Our inspirational piece for today can be considered a double bonus: not only do we get to sneak a peek at some marvellous designs by a top-notch professional, but we are also treated to some tips to enhance our lifestyle (more specifically our bedrooms and sleep cycles).

The expert in the spotlight? Deborah Garth Interior Design from Johannesburg. Ever since being established back in March 1992, this interior design firm has been specialising in high-end residential, corporate and retail designs with a deluxe touch, firmly distinguishing its projects from the competition. During its 26 years of existence it has managed to acquire first-rate resources to enhance its projects (and, thus, its clients’ satisfaction levels). Consisting of a team of dedicated contractors, sub-contractors, industry professionals, suppliers and artisans, Deborah Garth Interior Design is certainly ripe and ready to meet clients’ design needs and wants.

The design tips this established company is sharing with us today? How to ensure positive energy and sublime style in the bedroom via a few Feng Shui guidelines. 

1. The importance of a bedside table

Quoting Deborah Garth Interior Design directly: 

Your bedside table is the very first thing you see when you wake up in the mornings and the very last when you go to sleep. It is important to pay considerable attention to detail when it comes to the bedside table, especially according to Feng Shui principals.

1. Choose a round bedside table for good energy flow.

2. Choose a stylish night stand lamp for strategic noninvasive night light.

3. Get a container for loose objects like ear rings etc.

4. Lightly spray the bed linen and pillows with an essential oil to calm and relax the mind and senses.

5. Avoid clutter, tangled cables and a stack of unread books.

2. Focus on the lighting

The Feng Shui fire element is represented by lighting – a vital component for a flow of positive energy, yet also crucial for any space that wants to be practical, comfortable and stylish. 

If your home is not privy to lots of natural light, commit to identify its challenges and correct it with clever, strategic lighting fixtures. And keep in mind the importance of layered lighting in the bedroom (such as a ceiling downlighter, wall sconces, lamps on the nightstands, etc.).

Other well-known Feng Shui bedroom tips include…  

3. Properly place your bed

1. Make sure your bed is easily approachable from both sides

2. Commit to having a bedside table on each side

3. Never let your bed line up directly with the door. 

To encourage the flow of harmonious energy in your bedroom, opt for a good mattress, a solid headboard, and top-quality sheets made from natural fibres. 

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4. Lose the technology

As soon as you bring a television, computer or exercise equipment into the bedroom, the space’s positive ambience is destroyed. But why would you want to share your sleeping space with these elements anyway? In addition to creating high electromotive forces (EMF, which is not good for one’s health), such equipment also bring the stress associated with work, the world and exercise into your bedroom. 

5. Purify the air

Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, you can’t deny the importance of pure and clean air in any room of the house. So, open the windows and/or opt for a proper air purifier to keep your sleeping space fresh and full of oxygen. 

And should you want to bring plants or flowers in, ensure your bedroom is big enough and that they are located far from your bed. 

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