The 2018 trends for Christmas decorations


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The 2018 trends for Christmas decorations

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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‘tis the season to get jolly with Christmas decorations! And even though we’re sure all our devoted readers are right on trend with interior looks and styles, holiday décor is definitely another trend to take note of. 

So, if you’ve been wondering what is considered ‘hot’ for your Christmas tree (and accompanying festive décor), read right ahead…

1. Minimalist elegance

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Similar to 2017, a less-is-more style is recommended for this year’s Christmas decorations. And what better style to copy than the ever-on-trend Scandinavian, pictured fantastically in this design by IKEA

To make sure your interiors are in vogue for Christmas 2018, opt for neutral colours (whites, greys and beiges), simple and natural materials (wood or paper), a commitment to lots of open space, and just a touch of dazzle via a bright colour here and a sparkling light over there. 

And forget about dragging bushy trees into your living room – simple twigs and branches flaunting a minimum amount of décor is what’s ‘hot’ this holiday season! 

2. Green and blue

現代  by Farrow & Ball, 現代風
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

Green and red have long been considered true Christmas colours, but times and trends are changing! And although green is still in for Christmas 2018 (how could it not be, for it’s the colour of Christmas trees, mistletoe, etc.), the fiery red has made way for a more calming blue. 

Fortunately blue is available in a multitude of different hues, ranging from dramatic navy and cobalt to playful arctic and turquoise. Thus, experiment with the various tints to see which decorations complement your dark green bushes and branches more perfectly.  

3. Not your typical Christmas creatures

 國家  by Sophie Allport, 鄉村風 塑膠
Sophie Allport

Melamine Mug

Sophie Allport

Make way, reindeers and moose – you have a whole bunch of other animals competing for space on those Christmas trees (and fireplace mantels and windowsills and Christmas cards… ) this holiday season.

Quirky creatures such as flamingos, cockatoos, llamas and unicorns (perfect for a summery vibe) were all the rage throughout the year, and it’s been decided they can also be dangling from Christmas trees. 

Thus, if you’ve ever wanted to wrap a beautiful scarf around a unicorn and place it proudly among your year-end decorations, now is your chance! 

4. Softer tints of red

Hold up before you toss out all your red Christmas décor – we never said that it’s ONLY blue and green that are welcome this year!

But forget about those warm and comfy apple- and candy reds that have become synonymous with Christmas and instead opt for other more unique tints such as salmon, ferrari, persian, burgundy, terra cotta, etc. These reds, which are decidedly more pink and orange, can look smashing when added to your less-is-more neutral colour palette for December. 

5. A modern take on festive lights

現代  by LUMENIO, 現代風

Lover of technology, rejoice: Christmas 2018 is just for you! Lighting designs have never conjured up more fascinating choices than this year, and for December those out-of-the-box designers are diverting their designs into a more festive route. 

Wireless lighting fixtures and LEDs are shining up anything from Christmas baubles to entire trees, starry structures and angelic beings to pinecones and front-door wreaths.

So, add a touch of modern-day dazzle to your home this Christmas season – but keep number one in mind and don’t overdo it!

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