The one-bedroom Sandton apartment with heaps of style


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The one-bedroom Sandton apartment with heaps of style

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 客廳 by CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd
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For today’s dose of excellence, we turn to interior design firm CKW Lifestyle in Johannesburg. Noted as one of the prime design companies in the country, CKW Lifestyle also has additional expertise in structural elements and interior architecture.

Originally established as Craig Whitehead Interiors in 1996, the firm has collaborated with other seasoned designers and manufacturers in the industry to become CKW Lifestyle. Today, the company flaunts an ever-expanding portfolio with projects ranging from interior design and decorating, customised furniture to upholstery and soft furnishings. 

Let’s see what the firm accomplished when tasked with a stylish little pied-à-terre for a designer in Sandton…  

The living area

 客廳 by CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd
CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd

Living Area – Apartment style.

CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd

Presenting an area layout of 110 m², this unique one-bedroom apartment is situated in an old Art Deco building with a prime view of Sandton’s Wanderers Golf course. And since it’s not the most spacious structure ever built, it was up to creative designing to make these interiors open, welcoming and as stylish as possible.

Thus, the experts in charge went with a soft, earthy colour palette flaunting shades of sand, amber and gold. These hues help to visually open up the space, especially during the day when natural light streams indoors. 

To up the elegance factor, upholstered furniture of stone linens and white velvet were obtained, matched with a slight touch of pattern and texture so as not to overthrow the visual element. 

Heavy cashmere drapes, a handful of décor pieces, and a layered lighting plan complete this open-plan living area most perfectly.  

Enhancing the visual space

Never underestimate the power of mirrors, especially large ones. When placed correctly, they not only double up a room’s visual spaciousness, but also enhance the amount of lighting (both natural and artificial) distributed around a room. 

Don’t you think these two elongated beauties make quite the design statement casually leaning against the wall behind this modern sofa? 

The bedroom

The earthy colour palette returns for the most private room in the home, yet here it is joined by warmer tints of reds and chocolate browns. Ethnic-inspired motifs and décor ensure visual character while two identical bedside tables take care of storage. 

The little details

 視聽室 by CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd
CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd

Detail Image of Medallion on cabinetry

CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd

God is in the detail, as they say, which is why this silver-leaved medallion of Alexander the Great, depicted on the maple cabinetry, becomes even more of a style statement. 

Let’s browse a few more images to further see what the interior designers came up with…  

 房子 by Casas inHAUS