17 wooden partition design ideas for your modern home


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17 wooden partition design ideas for your modern home

根據 Decor Architects 日式風、東方風
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Integrated social space has become a norm in modern homes. But in that open space often we crave for a little bit of privacy or just to define the rooms without erecting a wall, isn’t it? A smart partition idea is the first choice of people who are passionate about their home design and doesn’t want to compromise with the style or the openness of space. In fact, with innovative ideas the partition can become the focal point of the room. Indians have a fetish for wood and the warmth it brings into the home décor. When it comes partition, wood is a preferred choice. Wooden partition is more than just functional panels dividing the rooms. It is an astonishing way to embellish and fit perfectly in modern interiors. Explore the creative ideas of wooden partitions and get inspired! 

1. Wooden partition with storage

In small homes where every inch matter, incorporating the partition as storage in a seamless manner is a smart way to partition the space and make it useful. Whether to use it as a bar or the dining unit is your choice.

2. Wooden partition in sync with the furniture

The classic combination of wood and white of dining table chairs is extended to the wooden partition used to protect the privacy of dining table from the direct view of entrance door. White boxes break the monotony of wood and create space for display and decoration.

3. Jumbled patterns on wooden partition

Dining room 根據 homify 現代風

Dining room


Predictable patterns are boring! Random patterns running on the wooden partitions are complimented by crystal ball curtains and two rustic-style lamps hanging from above.

4. Honeycomb pattern on wooden partition

A partition of strong wooden frame with honeycomb style lattice work brings in playful dynamism into the small apartment and blend to the space. It creates partition and decorates the small room without looking too heavy in there. 

5. Coloured wooden partition

The beauty with wood is that it can be painted or covered with coloured lamination to mix with the décor and become a part of it. The white and red theme of the room is extended on the wooden partition with lattice work on the upper portion and open shelves below to hold decoration pieces.

6. Traditional wooden partition

A traditional style breezy panel made of solid wood in the colour of natural wood forms the modern partition wall to divide the living cum dining room. It is synchronized by wooden blocks and panels on the ceiling. 

7. Vertical garden on wooden partition

Vertical garden is the demand of the time especially in urban homes where there is dearth of space to build a garden. Take a clue from here and create your own vertical garden on the wooden partition and bring in freshness into the space.

8. Storage wooden partition

斯堪的納維亞風格的走廊,走廊和樓梯 根據 homify 北歐風

Partitioning the hallway from the living room is the wooden storage space built in steps with drawers and cabinets creating more storage space for the family. Intricate carving on the wooden wall enhances the aesthetic of the room making it the focal point of the room. 

9. Mix and match wooden partition

Solid wooden frame and heavy panels of wood supports the patterns in the middle to create a beautiful partition dividing the living room from dining room and kitchen of the house. 

10. Wooden partition with metal strings

Wooden wall serving the purpose of TV unit with strings on both sides provides a contrasting combination while partitioning the living room from the staircase. Wood is dominating the space still the partition stands apart. 

11. Warm and breezy wooden partition

LIVING AREA 根據 homify 田園風 MDF



It might just be a symbolic partition, but it brings in the warmth and elegance of wood with fluid gaps in between to respect the openness and integrity of the integrated social area.

12. Planters on the wooden partition

In an innovative way, the strong and tall wooden planks break midway in white square boxes making space for planters. The green idea is perfect way to partition the rooms especially in city homes. 

13. Swing as the wooden partition

Living Room cum Working area - Swing and Travel wall 根據 Dezinebox 古典風

Living Room cum Working area – Swing and Travel wall


The swing lovers will definitely love this interesting way to partition the space with a purpose. Wooden swing hanging in the middle separates the living room from the rest of the home. It is smart partition idea without a wall.

14. Purposeful wooden partition

living room 现代客厅設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 decormyplace 現代風 合板

living room


In studio or 1 BHK apartments where all you have is a small space to call your own, use it smartly and create a niche for yourself.  With a two way wooden cupboard partitioning the living room from bedroom, it will also solve the challenge of storage in small home.

15. Vertical wooden partition

Dining and Living Room 根據 malvigajjar 現代風 木頭 Wood effect

Dining and Living Room


Playing with the altitude and leaving the breadth to allow the rooms to merge with each other, this vertical wooden partition is pushed on one side thus creating a symbolic partition wall without actually partitioning the space. The rooms know the limit, and the purpose of partition is done.

16. Sliding wooden partition

A fine blend of traditional and modern version of sliding door, this door also acts as a partition separating the dining room from the kitchen. It can be customized to fulfill your requirement; whether you wish to have transparency like here or cover it up for complete privacy.

17. Different shades of wooden partition

Wooden partition goes well with minimalist décor. The subtle shades of the interior are enhancing the different shades on wooden partition. The simplicity in design is adding a classy edge to the décor.

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