A do-over of a historically rich property by architects in South London


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A do-over of a historically rich property by architects in South London

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  by 4D Studio Architects and Interior Designers
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Designing a property from scratch takes effective and innovative planning, attention to detail, and the ability to see a project completed ahead of time. When you’re looking to renovate your home or build a new property, you’ll need the help of expert architects to help you achieve this goal. The team at 4D Studio Architects in South London has worked on many projects involving world-class residential properties. The award-winning team also offers interior design, pre-planning, consultation, CGI (Computer Generated Images), Tender and property advice as well as project management. They ensure the best outcome while working closely with their clients to achieve optimum results.

In this ideabook we explore two 3-bedroom tower houses located in London. Having preserved some of the Victorian features, it holds true to the original building. Interestingly, some of the historic findings of this property also suggest that it may also have been used by a blacksmith.  

The single entrance to 2 tower houses

A traditional but also much-loved choice of paving sets the path to the driveway large enough for two cars to park. The 2 houses share design traits and stand boldly side-by-side, overlooking the property's entrance. Auto operated gates make access and entry a secure and convenient.

Before: some of the original outbuildings

This image shows us the project before work began featuring some of the original outbuildings and potential garden pathway. A local motor dealer also previously used the building for several years, in which this gated area stored motor vehicles. The property itself offers a large space making storage options easy.  

After: Cleaned up and neat outbuildings with 2 houses

As mentioned before some of the original Victorian outbuildings are preserved and kept throughout the build. The architects embraced the old and blended it with the new to create a better aesthetic and the beauty of these tower houses that cannot be denied.  

Frontal view of the tower houses in South London

Here’s another front view of the houses. The façade blends a beautiful face brick with plaster combination, which sets the tone for a classic, charming look. 

Original sketch drawings

Professional architects have keen attention to detail and are experts at designing whether it is technical drawings, sketches or CAD designs. Not only can they give the client an overview of the property even before building it, they work closely throughout the process keeping their clients in the know at all times.

Renovations are great for breathing new life into your home; however, here are some pointers for keeping the costs low.   

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