A lovely home remodeling project in Gurugram


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A lovely home remodeling project in Gurugram

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  by Matter Of Space Pvt. Ltd.
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A remodeling project is always a challenge but it can be fruitful and exciting if you have the help of experienced interior designers and decorators such as Matter of Space Pvt. Ltd. In this case, a small room with a toilet was required to be converted and changed into a work cum library space. It is important to consider the needs of the homeowner before you can embark on such a renovation. The space available, requirements and the final goal of creating such a space can help to design a room that reflects the same.   

Dramatic changes

If this room is to have a new look then it is important to change everything about it. Starting with the flooring, the designers have used their creative skill to come up with a design that would not only look stylish but will not reflect the older purpose in anyways. So, apart from the civil work that would be involved in removing the fixtures and cleaning up space, it was important to change the entire setup. The colours and the accents were given close attention as this space did not have any windows that would allow natural light and air to filter in.

Small room with a promise

 書房/辦公室 by Matter Of Space Pvt. Ltd.
Matter Of Space Pvt. Ltd.

Toilet turns into study

Matter Of Space Pvt. Ltd.

This room held a lot of promise as it is a room without any attachments in terms of additional furniture or closets which needed to be removed. The bathroom that is attached to the room was to be made part of the room to create a small study area which would be perfect in terms of privacy and space. The dimensions of the room were taken into consideration so the designers could pay attention to every minute detail before changing the way you looked at the room. It is easier to convert simple spaces into something dramatically different.

Exceptional concept

One of the first things that you notice in this study and library area is the distressed and rustic brick wall. The subtle colour on the walls gives the study room a modern yet rustic look. Everything has been designed around it and that is what makes the room charming and attractive. Using an L-shaped desk, the designers have made optimal use of the available space. Adding cabinets right up to the ceiling is a smart idea as it allows for maximum use of space.

Smart design

A contrasting colour pattern for the desk instantly perks up the look of the room. The wood floor and the desk colour match and this gives a consistent and fluid feel to the design. Alternatively, the cabinets and the ledges have been kept neutral to match the rustic feel of the library. Lighting has played a key part in keeping this small and compact room from becoming dark or cramped. Lights in the ceiling accompanied by lights within the cabinet make it exceptional.

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS