"Should I go for cheap contractor quotes?"


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Should I go for cheap contractor quotes?

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Spacious Kitchen and Dining Extension 根據 Resi Architects in London 古典風
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Whether’s it’s a new build, adding an extension or renovating your interior, choosing the right people for the job can be a daunting task. Once you’ve drawn up your budget and decided on your ideas, you might be tempted to go for the most cost effective options for your build. But chances are if you’re offered a very low quote in comparison to others, it’s a sign of trouble.

Here are some reasons that a cheap quote might not be all it seems…

Not including all costs

Receiving a cheap quote from a contractor might feel like you’ve found a steal but it could be that that initial price given isn’t that accurate at all. Sometimes cheap prices are offered when not all of the final costs have been added to the quote.

This is especially true on projects without a project manager to accurately account for each element that a contractor bills. Additional costs mount as the project continues, and by the end you’re left with a shocking bill that looks nothing like the initial quote. Things that may seem like an insignificant extra cost .

Understaffed for the job

Exterior of this London home 根據 Resi Architects in London 現代風 磚塊
Resi Architects in London

Exterior of this London home

Resi Architects in London

Low quote offers can also be a sign that an understaffed team may be working on your project. Contractors may estimate that they need fewer people on a project that they actually do and so charge a lower rate which can lead to complications later down the line. Many contractors carry out their projects with lean staff numbers which mean any project is one injury or sickness away from being completely derailed wreaking havoc on your budget.

Cowboy builders

Home Renovation, Forest Hill 现代客厅設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Resi Architects in London 現代風
Resi Architects in London

Home Renovation, Forest Hill

Resi Architects in London

Of course, there’s always the risk that the the low offer is because you’re dealing with a rogue contractor who doesn’t plan to follow through on the final result. At times, rogue contractors will use cheap quotes to try and convince you to rush into an agreement without doing the right research or reference checking. Often these companies can declare themselves bankrupt and open up shop under an entirely different name leaving you with little or no work done at all.

Divided attention

Open Plan Kitchen and Dining Room 根據 Resi Architects in London 古典風 木頭 Wood effect
Resi Architects in London

Open Plan Kitchen and Dining Room

Resi Architects in London

With competition in certain areas extremely high, contractors will sometimes offer incredibly low quotes and take up a huge large number of projects at the same time in order to make a profit. While larger companies may have the workforce to pull this off, it often isn’t in the best interests of the homeowners whose home won’t get the care it needs.

How can Resi help?

Exterior View of Extension 根據 Resi Architects in London 現代風
Resi Architects in London

Exterior View of Extension

Resi Architects in London

Need advice while deciding between quotes? Resi is on hand to advise you on what to look out for and guide you to getting the right professional for your needs

As the UK’s leading residential architecture practice, you can trust Resi to deliver the highest quality no matter the size of your project. As part of their building regulations package, Resi also provides a complimentary Connect service, whereby they introduce you to trusted (and thoroughly vetted) professionals in your area.

What’s more, in 2019, Resi became the official partner of TrustMark – the UK’s only Government quality scheme for UK tradespeople. Together they’re finding the best contractors to introduce to homeowners and combining them with free advice, financial protection, and a thorough vetting process. When it comes to building, Resi’s customers benefit from the most robust protection in the housing sector.

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