Impressive home in Pune with modern interiors


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Impressive home in Pune with modern interiors

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  by The D'zine Studio
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A distinctive and unique style is hard to achieve because it is common to see quite a few people inspired by popular trends. Here, this lovely home has been designed to look superior and starkly different from other houses. The interior designers and decorators of The D’Zine Studio from Pune have chosen subtle colours, unique furniture styles, and amazing lighting effects to come up with interiors that match the style and preferences of the homeowners. One of the best things about this design is the choice of lighting fixtures.

Elegant doorway

This is the main entrance to the home and it seems to be charming and unusually attractive. Most people seem to work at creating elegant and well-defined spaces inside. However, wood beams stretching all the way from the floor to ceiling have given a creative entrance for this home.

Stark and wonderful

This patina-colored wall mirror makes a dramatic effect against the subtle tones and shades used here. The designers have used a tall cabinet for a shoe rack but using a mirror and some decorative elements they have managed to make this space look stylish.

Distinctive design

This is a wonderful living room area and it has been finished to resemble a modern space. The large and overstuffed sofas give the space a luxurious and comfortable feel. At the same time, the designers have used large panels on the wall to accentuate artwork and other elements around the home.

Rich elegance

The designers have used the colours mustard and tan to the best effect. Adding cushions and drapes in a colour that offsets the tan colour is the best thing for this room. The grey panelling in the wall works to enhance the existing look even more.

Cream tones

The cream tones in the room have worked to create a soft and pleasing effect. As the accent wall, the pale-yellow wall seems to brighten the room more than well. A clear yet distinctive style for the living room differentiates it from the dining room.

A Simplistic look

This dining room is simplistic but it contributes a charming ‘look and feel’ to this space. A suspended shelf works as the pooja room for the home. 

Unique ceiling design

Without going in for elaborate false ceilings, the designers have used wood panels in a concentric pattern and given this space a striking appearance. A mix of colourful lights gives this dining space a homely and cosy touch.

Natural bedroom

Simplistic furniture has helped to create a space that is modest yet attractive. A simple dresser sits against the wall and this has been positioned against the fairly large windows for natural light. A soft cushioned headboard makes the bed a cosy space to relax in. Soft and simple furnishings add beauty and charm to the place.

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