​9 Small Yet Utterly Smart Bathrooms

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Taller Estilo Arquitectura 現代浴室設計點子、靈感&圖片
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Ah yes, the bathroom – that special place that has always been one of the most popular areas in any home. It has gone from being a space that merely houses the toilet, to one that showcases style and fancy designs. Today, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to bathroom décor and little trinkets to make the bathroom an inviting space.

But, of course, a glamorously styled bathroom is more than ensuring you have enough toilet paper in stock! Colours, patterns, textures, and materials all come into play, weaving a delicate layout that determines the aesthetic quality of your bathroom, regardless of how big or small the space may be. 

Small, slim, tiny, space-pressed – however you wish to phrase it, certain bathrooms are definitely smaller than we would like. Yet, that is no excuse for them to be lacking in the beauty department. 

But seeing as this is homify, we are stocked with style. Thus, have a sit-back and enjoy these 9 super fabulous bathrooms that are sure to make you forget about their limited legroom.

1. Mixing materials for depth

Most often than not, bathroom spaces present a simple mix of one or two materials, such as glass and wood. Or concrete and timber. This not only creates a ‘less is more’ vibe, but it also ensures a healthy bit of contrast between the different materials.

However, more can certainly be more, as seen in our example above by House100Architects. Working the neat and tidy combination of concrete and glass to perfection, they decided to add in a decent batch of wall tiles. And just look at that surface: colours, patterns, and textures all come into play, ensuring a vigorous and charismatic setting.

2. Classic and modern elements

There is a reason why the modern design style is such a hit with architects, designers, decorators, and homeowners worldwide: it looks beautiful! 

Photographer Michał Młynarczyk certainly agrees with us, as he not only captured the ideal essence of the modern style in his image above, but he also managed to enhance those super sleek lines even further. 

We love how sensational that white bathtub offsets with the dark floor, with both surfaces gleaming marvellously and mirroring each other, like a stylish little covert competition.

3. Straight meets curvy

What if your bathroom is a slim and tiny area? Will straight lines supply some visual space? It could, but you could also turn that rule onto its head and add some curvy corners as well. 

Far from leaving a space to feel flat and monotonous, Taller Estilo Architects decided to do a bit of mixing and matching – and just look how stunningly it paid off. Adding a vivacious red onto the sloping roof makes us forget about how space-pressed this bathroom is, as we’re too busy admiring the magical details. 

And to help that curvy appeal along, a round mirror adorns the wall, adding some more visual space and lighting to this bathroom.

4. A touch of fun

The bathroom may be a place where we take care of serious business, but that does not mean it has to be bland and boring. 

Lucas Lage Architects know this too, which is why they’ve injected this bathroom space with a decorative wall that is full of colourful life. Bright colours that pop and circles that offset with the linear design of the space ensure that this wall not only becomes the focal point, but that the entire bathroom is a memorable space.

5. Textures that are terrific

A bathroom renovation does not have to mean destroying the entire room and starting from scratch. A simple touch up here and there can also make a massive difference.

Case in point, the Erika Winters Design bathroom above, where the shower wall received a makeover. Adding a delightful texture to that wall transforms it into a striking space, not only in terms of texture (look how it contrasts with the sleek and calm surfaces of the rest of the room), but also in colour. 

Of course part and parcel of this successful addition is the transparent glass wall that allows us to see the newly added wall. Who said that the shower curtain is the be-all and end-all solution for shower spaces?

6. An old-school contrast

As we all know, contrast can be king when it comes to interiors. And that is never truer than when we witness the supreme example of what a successful contrast looks like: white on black. 

Adding a very elegant and unique look to this bathroom by Pracownia Projektowa Dragon Art, that black-versus-white look becomes the focal point of this entire space (and thanks must also go, of course, to the clear glass pane that allows us to witness this extraordinary setting). 

Making use of blocks and rectangles on the wall ensures that the bathroom’s linear design is enhanced superbly, boosting that modern factor even more.  

Most definitely a homify-approved design!

7. When wood wins

One feature that has revolutionised the original bathroom design is the use of different materials for flooring, moving away from the traditional tile usage. Whoever the mastermind was who decided that wooden floors can work in a bathroom, we salute you. 

Lavradio Design also like this notion, since they used it so excellently in our example above. Notice the elegant contrast achieved by combining the cool gray-and-white tile design with the warmth and cosiness of the wooden floor. 

Another winning feature here is the generous mirror that helps to achieve a fantastic sense of visual spaciousness, shifting our focus from claustrophobia to class.

8. A winning combination

Asia Orlova pulls out all the stops with her breathtaking design of a small bathroom. With its glamour that makes us reminisce about the Avant-Garde days of style, this room has all the winning elements: old-school contrast of colours; wall-mounted furniture to save up on floor space; fantastic lighting that superbly illuminates every available surface (LED, no less); and wall art that strike a stunning yet tranquil pose. 

Although every element here is a success, it is that ceiling light that must take the prize. With its decadent design and powerful character, it boosts this room right to the top of modern bathroom spaces.

9. The mighty minimalist

Our list of winning rooms cannot be considered complete without a reference to the minimalist style. The use of transparent surfaces, quiet textures, simple elements, and balanced layouts… it’s all right here, achieving a stylish space created by ADI.

The use of clean lines and neutral colours are the defining factors of the minimalist design style. And although this style has been accused of looking ‘cold’, that issue is quickly discarded above by adding a delicate dose of warm wooden surface, first to the shower floor, and then to the countertop. 

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