3 Most Striking Examples of Sliding Doors for Your Small Kitchen


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3 Most Striking Examples of Sliding Doors for Your Small Kitchen

Rita Kumar Rita Kumar
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Welcome back to the world of Homify where we have you covered on everything about architecture, homes, and a lot more!

Today, we have chosen to be a bit crisp and concise on our topics, yet giving you every detail about something fascinating. We are talking about your kitchen—well it's about ornamenting the looks of your kitchen with these three sliding door ideas!

You might be worried about the already narrow space in your kitchen and you might even refrain from adding to the looks of the compact space.

Well, if that's the case, tour your eyes on the passages below to get flair on what we are talking about.

Crystal Clear Glass Door to Conquer the Looks of the Ambience

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Your kitchen might be that compact space in your home, but it is one of the most ideal spaces always flexible to innovative ideas.

When it comes to choosing the right sliding door for your compact kitchen as shown here, go for a glass door effect. Believe us, it has everything fabulous to get you covered in flaunting your amazing kitchen. 

A posh sliding door made with crystal clear glass not only crowns your kitchen with a savvy look, but also complements the clutter-free look from every angle.

To do off with the complete looks, illuminate the ambience with soft white lights and minimal shades. Penetration of light through the glass door paves the way for a modern touch to lighting across the whole kitchen space. 

Translucent Sliding Doors to Unveil the Beautiful Kitchen on the Other Side

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We have all witnessed and clapped to Shakespeare's awe-inspiring dramas and live theater performances. Well, personally speaking, we love the moment when the blinds fold on finishing the end note!

We can seamlessly bring this dramatic effect right to your kitchen too! Adorn your kitchen with long-line translucent sliding doors to capture all that dramatic sequence going on in the dining room while you stir your favorite soup.

This black mesh-glazed sliding door not only complements the wonderful ambience, but also flaunts the contemporary facade spread across the space. 

An amazing sliding door of this kind is good enough to unveil the precious kitchen space, without making it look cramped and cluttered from any angle!

Frozen Glass Finish for Romantic Dinners!

We have saved the best for the last—the amazing frozen glass finish attiring your sliding door for everything good and gorgeous!

Ask your kitchen designers to craft a long line frozen glass shutter on simple and long iron-glazed bars. A cast iron effect penetrating through the glass makes the way for a dramatic rainy day effect inside the house!

This amazing sliding door bridges the gap between your compact and modern kitchen and that wonderful dining room. Romantic candle-lit dinners would have never been this lovely—thanks to the door that takes all the accolades!

Complement the space with minimal shades of pearl white, rust brown and ivory black. Crown the dining space with a round-lid lamp to finish the look. 

Remember, when it comes to choosing the right sliding door, you are not done yet without choosing the backdrop and accessories that help in flaunting the complete look. 

This amazing frozen glass sliding door is a splendid idea to expose your stylish kitchen and dining space!

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