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15 Fantastic Front Doors for Your Home

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The front door of a home is one of the most important features of the house that is mostly given a least focus owing to mere concentration on interior design and landscape. But do you know that a door leads the pathway to all the positive vibes in and around the house! 

Well, at Homify, we've got you covered on everything interesting and of course, architectural! So today, we are going to walk your eyes through a brief comprehensive guide to the fantastic 15 front doors.

Go ahead and take a look!

1. Dark Chocolate-Hued Modern Front Door

A compact and lavish front door crowned with a traditional push-pull style makes the way for everything unique and modern. You can choose the best hue to go with the overall looks of your house.

If you have a dark or a pale-tinted hue done on your walls, we suggest you to opt for the rich dark chocolate-hued door as shown in the illustration here. 

2. A Grain-Stained Wooden Door

A woodhouse themed deck-style abode is a desire of many nowadays. And if you are one among those who love the smell of country wood, then do not spare your door!

A grain-stained wooden front door enriched with a glass-paned side view is the next reason to have everything positive flowing into your house. Believe us, this door is the best concept for high-class insulation, especially during chilling winters.

3. The Translucent Glass Effect

A gorgeous glass-paned front door is going to be the next reason to flaunt the modish angle of your house. Start with the entrance! Go for a translucent front door hinged with crystal clear glass and a comfortable pull-push knob.

This idea is too good, especially if you want to fuse the goodness of freshness into your house. 

4. A Long-Line Double Door with Attractive Details

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RK Door Systems

General Images

RK Door Systems

A heritage-style house such as the one shown in the illustration is at the peak of its goodness, especially at the doorway! A majestic double-panel front door with long metal pull-push knob blends seamlessly with the teak wood finish. With ample peek-through hole and satin finish, this front door is a royal idea for a magnificent living.

5. Timber Pivot Door Grooming the Luxurious Entrance

Timber Pivot Entrance door Camel Glass 前門 木頭
Camel Glass

Timber Pivot Entrance door

Camel Glass

A timber-pivoted front door infused with see-through glass on either side is an amazing idea to set the new trend of modern housing. Smooth finish of timber runs throughout this wonderful door, making it durable against harsh weathers. This gorgeous door is a perfect idea to shield your house with all the goodness of modern architecture. 

6. Color-blocked Front Door Infused with a Stained Glass Finish

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RK Door Systems

General Images

RK Door Systems

Make some way for a paradise-like entrance with this amazing double-paneled front door. Infusion of glass and wood on both its panels paves the way for stained glass effect that blends smoothly with your lush potted garden! 

7. Watch the World from In Here!

A majestic block-paneled front door beautifully aligned with glass casings in wood-wrought frames is simply mind-boggling! This amazing front door paves the way for watching everything—from withering autumn leaves, snowflakes, and those busy bees and butterflies!

8. Rust-Hued Door Complemented by See-Through Panes

Oxidised iron front entrance door Camel Glass 前門 鐵/鋼 Metallic/Silver
Camel Glass

Oxidised iron front entrance door

Camel Glass

A gorgeous rust-hued front door beautifully aligned between glass panes on either side is yet another amazing idea to ace the looks of your entrance. This style of a door makes the way for all the goodness while reviving freshness and positive energy to seamlessly flow into the house!

9. Patterned Finish of Wood and Glass

A double-patterned front door with a simple yet attractive alignment of glass and wood in a shelf-blocked finish is a great idea to flaunt the looks of your modern house. The long-line pull-push metallic knobs complete the look while dazzling to the scorching rays of the sun!

10. Artistic Touch in a Photo-Frame Effect

This style of a front door might seem compact and sleek—believe us, it is more than what you see! A charismatic door dabbed with an ivory-brown finish and infused with metal detail is too good to let go. A metallic door frame captivates this vintage-style front door, making the way for a luxurious entrance into the house. This elegant front door looks like an invitation to paradise, doesn't it!

11. Fascinating Pivoted Front Door Shielding the Looks of Your Modern House

A pivoted front door completely glazed out of wood is a perfect pick for a contemporary house as shown in the illustration. A frost-hued translucent glass wrought towards the side makes way for observing everything that goes on the outside. This door is an amazing idea for shielding your house with all the protection and good looks.

12. Side-Pivoted Front Door for Luxurious Apartments

If you're planning to move into your new apartment, do not forget to refurbish your front door to an elegant side-pivoted finish. This door is not only unique, but attractive from every angle.

13. Wood-Blocked Front Door Framed on a Mighty Entrance

A majestic king-size wood planked front door is an all new reason for those envious looks from your neighbours! Yes, this amazing wood-blocked front door framed throughout the angled center of your entrance brings out the maximum lavishness of your modern abode.

14. Wood, Iron, and Glass for a Rustic Finish!

A double-paneled front door such as the one shown in the illustration is a perfect amalgamation of wood, cast iron, and glass. Perfectly cased in a rustic finish, this door is an ideal match of vintage-style houses that are both modern and heritage-themed.

15. A Front Door So Classic and Exquisite!

Interior Designing Company in Pune Olive Interiors 前門
Olive Interiors

Interior Designing Company in Pune

Olive Interiors

Coming to the end of our best 15 front door concepts, we have the classic-style wooden door planked in all its goodness at the entrance. A smooth finish of plywood-hued door makes an amazing doorway for fresh vibes and lively atomoshphere in and out of the house.

When it comes to designing your house, never leave your front door at a 'later-to-be-done' task. Remember, the front door of your house is the vital part that lets in positive energy while captivating the complete look of your home. Hire the best door makers and designers to effortlessly carve a gorgeous doorway to paradise—right at the entrance of your home!