Exceptional Front Elevation Ideas For Your Home


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Exceptional Front Elevation Ideas For Your Home

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根據 divine architects
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There are several reasons why people indulge in grand or attractive exteriors. One of the biggest reasons is the effect it has on people who visit. An impressive appearance not only creates awe in the minds of guests but also contributes to the overall value of the property. By using modern ideas and elements and combining them with traditional design, it is possible to give the home a unique and distinctive look. The architects of Divine Architects in Jaipur present several ideas to elevate the look of the exteriors of modern houses.

Magnificent presence

Balance and symmetry are what this house is all about. You can see the windows and the balconies are all lined up and look streamlined and in perfect harmony with each other. A combination of wood and white elevates the overall look.

Simple in Style

This duplex home has ‘welcome’ written all over it. An extended panel of intricate work in wood sits on one side of the façade. A simple yet stylish balcony is visible on the upper level. Finishing the exterior facade with wood is what makes it so attractive from the outside.

Emphasis on Shapes

What attracts attention the most in the façade of this villa is the emphasis on similar shapes and elegant straight lines. The open balcony is framed by square columns. The white structures act as adornments to the otherwise simple style of the house.

Green cover

The addition of greenery can add an element of beauty to any façade. You can see here how wonderfully the architects have included a line of green shrubs and plants right on top. It contrasts the tan and white colours on the façade beautifully.

Beauty in Verticals

Sometimes it is best to emphasise the most obvious rather than try to hide it. In this tall building, the architects have chosen to highlight it. The vertical lines in the balcony and the simplistic styling gives this house a unique yet attractive look.

Distinctive style

The architects have chosen to keep each floor unique and distinctive. You can see the ground, first and second floors all display an exclusive style. The ground floor has a simplistic design, while the first level stands out in terms of colour and texture. The topmost floor has wood elements in the façade which give it a trendy look.

Modern look

A modern or contemporary look for the home can be explored when one desires a simple and more elegant look. Here, the architects have used a single tone to bring out the beauty in the architecture. The elongated windows and the simple lines of the panels in the balcony make the façade striking and yet subtle.

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現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風