9 Beautiful door designs for your home


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9 Beautiful door designs for your home

根據 ARK Architects & Interior Designers 現代風
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Whether it is the front door of the house or interior doors of individual rooms, doors have a lasting impact on the home décor. They often enhance the elegance of a room or home with their mere presence and sometimes give the home its identity. Although people tend to keep the interior doors of the house simple, they love to explore new designs when it comes to choosing the front door of the house. The reason is apparent; it’s the first impression that matters. So, today we present you with 9 beautiful door designs to impress and inspire you.

1. Larger than life front door

An elaborate front door formed with multiple panels and frames looks regal and impresses with its intricate details. The stylish combination of different materials comes together to create a traditional-style door that opens up in sections. Even when closed, the jali work on the middle portion allows the free flow of air to ventilate the home.

2. Robust and modern door

The combination of two doors in one – a solid wood door and a mesh or grill door – has become quite common in modern homes. However, instead of designing the grill in a predictable row, it can be customised and designed in a zig-zag pattern, thus giving it a refreshingly modern twist.

3. Scintillating blue door

Bright colour pops and stands out in the décor. Additionally, the paint on the door also protects it from the humidity in the atmosphere, and hence, it is perfect in places prone to moisture such as bathrooms and balconies in the home.

4. A statement handle on the door

A unique brass door handle in the shape of a peacock feather is sufficient to make the first impression long-lasting. It also gives the door a traditional feel.

5. Sleek and shiny wooden door

What grabs the attention here is the bright and glossy finish, which extends to the frame and side panel of the door. The clean triangles on the door are cut to perfection. It breaks the monotony of the smooth surface. The extra-long handle is another great detail.

6. Traditional Indian style for the door

Inspired by tradition and auspicious symbols and designs that are common to Indian culture, this beautiful door at the entrance is made from solid wood and adorned with the Swastik symbol and carved elephants on the top, in addition to floral patterns on the side panels.

7. Metal on a wooden door

It’s easy and economical to carve designs on metal. Hence, interior designers and decorators employ different design ideas to add style to the entrance door of the house. Take a cue from here and design the main door of your home with beautiful latticework in metal on wood. It will look amazing!

8. Wooden door framed by Italian marble

A grand and imposing entrance has been created by the classy combination of wood and stone. The smooth wooden door is framed by Italian marble, and wooden wall washers are fixed on the wall to enhance the beauty of this magnificent piece of art.

9. Modern door in two different shades of wood

An unusual and impressive fusion of two different shades of wood on a single door merges with modern-style home décor. While the lower half of the door is kept the same as the wooden wall cladding, the upper portion complements the stone wall tiles with its smoothness.

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