Beautiful and sustainable décor accents from a Jaipur professional


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Beautiful and sustainable décor accents from a Jaipur professional

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亞洲  by N Arch Design Studio, 日式風、東方風
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Who doesn’t love to decorate their home as unique as they can, and yet how many people stop to think about how their choices impact the earth? Well, for those who care, sustainable interior design and decor ideas are the answer. Here, the architects at N Arch Design Studio present some stunning decor accents, which have been crafted by recycling and reusing scrap metal, wood, glass and other raw materials. Dahaa, their innovative and eco-friendly product line comprises lamps, tabletop decor, wall decor, bookends and even chandeliers! Exquisitely designed, these products are safe for the environment and luxurious as well. Read on to know more about them.

Stunning chandelier

亞洲  by N Arch Design Studio, 日式風、東方風
N Arch Design Studio

lotus glass Chandelier

N Arch Design Studio

This colourful and exotic chandelier, composed of recycled glass, will be perfect for livening up an eclectic living room. Slender glass tubes have been suspended from its base and crowned with glass shaped like lotus buds and flowers for a unique look. It can even steal the show in expansive hallways.

Royal splendour

Made with recycled metal and beads, this ornate chandelier will look right at home in a royal palace. It can add a generous dose of luxury to a foyer, a living room or even a chic bedroom. The filigree work on the metal filters the light to add mysteriousness to the ambience.

Simple yet classy

亞洲  by N Arch Design Studio, 日式風、東方風
N Arch Design Studio

wooden sculpture

N Arch Design Studio

This sleek and simple decor accent mimics the sail of a boat and has been crafted with pieces of scrap wood. It is durable and extremely eco-friendly.

Unique bookends

Shaped like the palms of the hand and boasting intricate ethnic patterns, these wooden bookends are genuinely unique and can lend much charm to a classic study room or even the living room of a book lover. They can also make a perfect gift to loved ones on special occasions.

Vibrant beauty

亞洲  by N Arch Design Studio, 日式風、東方風
N Arch Design Studio

antique table lamps

N Arch Design Studio

This antique-style lamp is made from recycled metal and glass and is a stunning piece indeed. The ethnic design and the mood lighting it exudes is perfect for a lavish bedroom or even a living room that has been inspired by the bygone era of the royals.

Elegant lighting idea

These colourful wooden candlesticks are entirely safe for the environment, and they are sturdy pieces that won’t break. They will look beautiful in the living room, on the dining table, on the study table or even in the kitchen.

Edgy design

Scrap metal has been recycled to create this stylish geometrical lamp. The golden light will shine through the metal frames to create beautiful patterns on the walls. It is perfect for hallways, bathrooms, or even hanging in a row over a modern dining table.

Anything but ordinary

It is not always necessary to use luxurious decor accents to make a home stylish. For instance, this orb-like lamp made of recycled glass that has been shaped unevenly can brighten up any dull corner in seconds.

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