Elegant Living Room and Bedroom Design in Gurugram


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Elegant Living Room and Bedroom Design in Gurugram

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根據 Space Interface 現代風
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This beautiful home designed by the architects of Space Interface features modern design, which is popular these days due to the ease with which it can be executed. For instance, by using a simple and neutral colour palette as the base, designers can add layers to the overall design of the interiors. In this home, we can see how well the architects have used a stark white for the walls and layered bold colours through various accents. Unique and bright artwork also plays a significant role in showcasing the theme.

Elegant Living Room

This beautiful living room displays a balance in design and function. The stark white sofas contribute an air of luxury to the space. Similarly, the mustard-toned accent throw and wall panel brighten up the room adequately. The false ceiling completes the look.

Charming Display

Here, we see that the architects have used a light colour palette for the walls. However, it has been complemented with accents such as colourful cushions, contrasting colour stripes on the wall, and unique lighting fixtures. The abstract artwork on the background wall makes a beautiful and striking impression.

Impressive Dining Area

The dining room features a unique look that is modern but with rustic touches. The room has a formal appearance, but the choice of furniture in a natural finish brings in rusticity. The dining table has quite an unusual design with two thick pieces of wood supporting the base. The natural wood tone has been contrasted with metal chairs. A coir rug on the floor completes the look.

Elegant Bedroom

The charming bedroom has a relaxing vibe that can coax anyone to rest in it. Its simple styling works perfectly well. The large wall behind the bed has been used to display a subtle yet attractive artwork in metallic gold. Faux leather cushions and a decorative throw create the perfect contrast in the all-white bedroom. A patterned rug pulls all the textures together amazingly well.

Simple TV Unit

The wall opposite the bed has been used for mounting the television. Instead of using a large cabinet in the wall, the architects have gone with a simple narrow and elongated cabinet. The shutters of the cabinet have a mirror finish that reflects the pattern on the rug.

Cool and Cosy Bedroom

This elegant bedroom has been designed using darker colours. It has a formal look, which comes from the grey tones used in the space. The patterned rug makes a bold impression. The architects have used a floral artwork to soften the colours and the look of the room. The tan tones work well in the space to create the perfect warm ambience that one expects in a bedroom. 

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