9 Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Trolleys for your Home


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9 Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Trolleys for your Home

鄉村  by The Yellow Door Store, 田園風
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Kitchen design trends change frequently, and mostly they are based on comfort and functionality besides style. However, when it comes to a modern or contemporary kitchen, the fundamental principle of its design should always be original features that introduce a ‘wow’ factor without stretching the budget. It’s a good idea to add a movable kitchen trolley even in modular kitchens of today to witness the subtle transformation in style besides providing versatile storage in the kitchen design. Today we bring you ideas for 9 compact and charming kitchen trolleys designed by professionals. Have a look and start planning how to use them to transform your kitchen!

1. Simple and useful kitchen trolley

Compact, but perfectly useful 根據 ADORNAS KITCHENS 古典風 木頭 Wood effect

Compact, but perfectly useful


A simple kitchen trolley design can fit perfectly in a small kitchen without taking too much space. Its mobility and simple design are an added advantage since the trolley can be rolled into the dining room and used as a serving table when guests arrive for dinner.

2. Multi-functional kitchen trolley

A salvage island with open shelving and a stainless steel top adds personality 根據 ADORNAS KITCHENS 隨意取材風 木頭 Wood effect

A salvage island with open shelving and a stainless steel top adds personality


With shelves at the bottom for storage and a shiny top, which can serve as an island or even as a breakfast buffet, this multi-functional kitchen trolley will be a boon in any kitchen.

3. Tiered kitchen trolley

鄉村  by The Yellow Door Store, 田園風
The Yellow Door Store


The Yellow Door Store

The three tiered simple designs of the kitchen trolley are perfect for the people who prefer minimalist design and want to keep everything simple and functional. 

4. Elegant cabinet-style kitchen trolley

This beautiful kitchen trolley made of wrought iron with a wood top and drawers with antique handles is a masterpiece and can serve as a decorative piece in the kitchen. It provides ample storage as well.

Side view of the cabinet-style kitchen trolley

5. Rustic and sturdy kitchen trolley

The rustic charm of this kitchen trolley comes from its oversize iron wheels, wrought iron frame and the wooden drawers and top. The handle-free drawers give it a modern and industrial look, making it perfect for contemporary kitchens that need a hint of rustic style.

Front view of the rustic kitchen trolley

6. Wood cabinet on wheels

The cabinet style kitchen trolley made of wood rests on a frame with iron wheels. The wrought iron drawer handles and old-style iron latch guarantee to draw attention whether it is placed in the kitchen or a kitchen cum dining room.

7. Rectangular box-like kitchen trolley

The rustic beauty of unpolished and raw wood give this kitchen trolley natural charm. The iron wheels and drawer handles are undoubtedly attractive and will make it an eye-catching feature in any modern or contemporary kitchen.

8. Square kitchen trolley

With storage stacked up one above the other, the symmetry in the design of this cube-like kitchen trolley is spectacular. The cross pattern on the side adds to its appeal. Its elegance lies in its simplicity.

9. Country style kitchen trolley

This kitchen trolley will look right at home in a country-style kitchen, but it can also add a rustic twist to a modern kitchen. It’s a smart amalgamation of style and functionality as it provides flexible storage and has a built-in rack for storing bottles. What better way to bring rustic charm in a modern home! 

For more ideas on adding rustic charm to a contemporary home get inspired by these 10 home décor ideas.

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