A classic modernist masterpiece


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A classic modernist masterpiece

April Kennedy April Kennedy
根據 Christian Fares 簡約風
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Today we will travel to the south of France to explore a contemporary seaside home in Carry-le-Rouet. The town is hugely popular with French tourists, drawn to the warm, Mediterranean climate and fresh seaside air. Accordingly, the architect Christian Fares has created a home that embraces the natural appeal of the area.

The building consists of a white cube-like structure with almost continuous volumes. The colour palette is white, the interiors are minimalist and the windows are almost completely open to the wide blue skies. This imbues the home with a certain sense of resort-style luxury. But the really dazzling features are the glass mezzanine, luxury pool and bold seamless lines. Come with us on a photo tour to see more. You are sure to enjoy the journey!

Bold white facade

The two-level home has a bold, white presence. There is little ornamentation and the low white wall promises a seamless, minimalist sensibility. This is a contemporary exterior, but it also holds some links to the simple, white stone sensibility of traditional, Mediterranean style homes.

Chic outdoor pool

The sophisticated outdoor pool offers refreshing relief in the warm Mediterranean climate. The outdoor entertaining area and surroundings have a strong minimalist sensibility and everything has been designed with a horizontal focus. Note how the pavement barely rises above the pool level, the green lawn is perfectly flat and the clean white lines of the flat roof accentuate this horizontal feel. This horizontal aesthetic is prominent in resort-style architecture because it encourages us to relax and feel grounded.

Double-height ceilings

The open-plan kitchen and living room opens up to the outdoor pool area. It also has a double height ceiling with lots of large windows and an open, breezy ambience. The large white kitchen island sits directly in the centre of the room and has a casual dining area connected. This is undoubtedly a great transition point between indoor and outdoor living. Finally, note the glass mezzanine walkway above. We will explore this in a moment.

Open staircase design

With the kitchen now directly in front, we have a good view of the open staircase that links the ground floor to the upper level. The minimalist staircase is broad and without supporting bannisters. This allows for the free-flow of light and air, thus increasing the breezy, open quality of the interior. The staircase also acts as a quasi-room divider.

Glass mezzanine

On the upper level we have the glass mezzanine at the top of the staircase that we saw earlier. The walls are made from glass and black floor creates a strong, dramatic impression. Note the white spherical hanging lights to our left. They draw the eye and encourage one to enjoy the transitional point between each level.

Subdued monochrome decor

By now, many readers might have noted that the interiors are almost completely monochromatic. Here in the bedroom, the monochrome decor is most apparent. The subdued grey furnishings add a cool, sophisticated look that really suits the bright, minimalist feel of the home. Finally, note the minimalist glass shower in the corner. There is more to see here…

A bathroom in the bedroom

Freestanding bathtubs are definitely in vogue at the moment. And there's nothing so appealing as the ease of having a bathtub right in the bedroom! Many people are wary of bathrooms in the bedroom because of potential damp issues. But with adequate sealants, even a wooden floor like this will pose no issues. Of course, it helps to have a home with lots of free-flowing light and air like this!

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