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12 Awesome Container Homes and Tiny Houses

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Container homes are a result of modern ingenuity an one of the greatest solutions to having your own home on a modest scale. The idea of using shipping containers for shelter is not a novel one, and especially in the welfare sector, these containers have been used as temporary structure for a great many years, from interim housing in refugee camps to make-shift classrooms in impoverished areas.

The idea has caught hold of high design, however, and architects have found that these modest shells can be easily transformed into stunning homes, whilst still being compact and sustainable. The same ethic goes for tiny homes which are low on energy usage and uphold the values of simple living. Today we will look at 12 examples of container homes and small houses which will inspire anyone to live a simpler life. Join us to take a look…

1. Urban oasis

This simple house may be small, but is very special. The urban oasis home is a haven of style and simplicity in the heart of the suburbs. The warm and rustic materials used in the structure make this house very appealing on the outside, but wait until you see the inside as well! You can take a tour of the project right here.

2. Ultramodern

NOEM 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片

Up next we have this sleek and ultramodern specimen. This tiny house has rounded edges to give it a design that is soft and aesthetically pleasing. The use of wood with the white concrete is a pleasant contrast that renders the structure very interesting. 

3. Double dose

Here we can see a small house which the architects have chosen to extend upward instead of outward. In this manner, to overall structure still remains compact, whilst also allowing more space. The use of timber as main construction material with ample use of glass renders the house as warm and romantic. 

4. Dreamy compartments

ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

Next we have a dream-like little cottage in the middle of the field that would make anyone want to escape the rush of daily life and retreat to the wild. This small house is just about the size of a standard container, and through the use of compartments, the building still houses all necessary rooms

5. Extensions

The next container house we have to show you here is reminiscent of our first example, and take the container house back to its simplest form – the stacking of shipping containers as they are in their original format. This small house can still be spacious enough for all of your daily needs. 

6. Innovation

We start out with a rather simple example of a home, but one that uses its materials very innovatively. This clearly displays how the humble shipping container can be transformed into a home with all the comforts. This one has two levels, a patio and even a large balcony terrace

7. Desert mirage

Our next tiny house is an impressive combination of art and architecture. Situated in the middle of a desert land area, this small cabin is constructed of a combination of wood and mirror panes. Reflecting the beautiful natural surroundings, it must be a treat to come home to this house every day. 

8. Compact modernity

Another small home in suburbia. This delightful little white house is your typical family home in every sense of the word, but with energy-efficiency at its core and effective use of indoor and outdoor space, it has that bit of something extra special. 

9. Waterways

Now here we have something a bit different – living on the water. These slender and compact homes are situated on the river, having perfect access to most scenic environment at all times. These homes are also situated in a cluster, providing the opportunity for a sense of community as well.

10. A look inside

Now for a different perspective. In the Casa Container by AD Arquitetura E Design, we get a glimpse of what the interior of a container house can look like. From this image, it is safe to assume that a container home can look just as luxurious and elegant as any modern mansion.

11. Modular perfection

Number 11 on the list is a wonderful little modular home which looks like the scaled-down version of an impressive and large modern house. We can here see that it is simply a difference in size, but that there is no compromise on style and elegance. This house even has a garden to envy!

12. Luxury

Pocket House homify 房子

Pocket House


We might have just saved the best for last. This gorgeous home has been created out of a single container, and as you can see, it is a modern masterpiece that should satisfy any taste. It even hosts a terrace on the roof of the structure, a porch, and its own driveway. Inside there is a bedroom, bathroom, living space and kitchen. Everything you need in style!