8 Tips for more privacy in the garden!


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8 Tips for more privacy in the garden!

Leigh Leigh
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Privacy is not always easy to find in the garden

If the neighbour's home is very close to our home, they can often see into our garden. This is when a good screen comes in handy. 

Whether it's permanent, temporary or a more subtle and flexible solution, today we have brought you eight great ideas, which will help you protect your garden from prying eyes.

1. Blinds and curtains

If your neighbour's living room or bedroom faces your garden or vice versa, remember that glass surfaces can be equipped with different curtains that provide privacy and block the views. 

You can also use curtains or blinds throughout your terrace to create more privacy. Outdoor curtains are very trendy and modern, as well as flexible and durable. They also provide a casual yet elegant Ibiza flair!

2. Walls and walls

Walls that make up garages, sheds or separate properties can be very useful when it comes to privacy in the garden as they can very easily incorporate a screen.  

Remember, however, that nobody likes to look at a bare concrete wall so a little bit of creativity is needed for an aesthetically pleasing result. 

Opt for a fresh coat of paint and a lot of green in the form of potted plants, high growing shrubs and vines.

Don't you love how privacy has been created in this design by Paul Marie Creation.

3. Wooden fences

Claremont Road 根據 Will Eckersley 現代風
Will Eckersley

Claremont Road

Will Eckersley

Fences and screen walls made from bamboo or wood not only fulfill the function by ensuring privacy in the garden, but they also look gorgeous. 

These create a natural, warm appearance and integrate seamlessly with most garden design concepts. This makes them seem less foreign or prominent. Instead they work in harmony with the rest of the garden.

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4. Pots and Plants

Objetos de diseño y muebles 根據 VIVANT LA VIE 現代風

Objetos de diseño y muebles


Anyone looking for a more relaxed and flexible way of creating a visual screen can utilise large pot plants, trees and shrubs. They are beautiful and natural, highlighting and enhancing the garden while keeping it private from passersby and neighbours. 

This is a very subtle way of blocking the line of sight into your garden.

Have a look through the homify garden products for inspiration!

5. Lush vegetation

This is the natural way to create a visual screen, which is very beautiful for many garden owners. 

Look at shrubs, bushes, trees and other flowers or plants to protect your garden and gain privacy. Choose particularly fast growing plants and trees as well as ones that will grow dense leaves.

6. Walls and hedges

Don't you love this garden by Dotto Francesco Consulting Green

We maintain that the natural solution is always the best solution! Even the manicured lawn and sculpted hedges can create natural privacy in the garden, allowing you to avoid disturbing fences and massive walls. 

Tip: Choose some evergreen plants so that in Autumn and Winter not everything is exposed.

7. Pergola and Awning

Sometimes you don't just need privacy on the side of your garden but on the top as well. In this case, pergolas or a large awning can not only protect your garden from prying eyes but it can also protect your garden from too much sun as well as wind and rain.

Have a look at this: Beautiful pergola no matter whatever the weather.

8. Mirror Wall

Finally, we bring you a very fancy and super effective and impressive way of implementing a visual screen that is particularly suitable for small gardens and high walls.

A mirrored wall makes seeing into the garden impossible, while ensuring spectacular effects in the private outdoor area.

When it comes to small gardens, mirrors also give the optical illusion that they are much bigger. It also creates a calming effect as the lush greenery is multiplied.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風