10 red hot fireplaces that would turn up the heat in any home


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10 red hot fireplaces that would turn up the heat in any home

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Chalet Gstaad 根據 Ardesia Design 田園風
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There’s nothing like a crisp fire to get you all toasty warm while winter is doing its worst outside. But that doesn’t mean that a fireplace can only be enjoyed during winter. 

Some models boast a sexy body and glamorous design, making for quite the attractive décor piece in a room. Some serve up displaying surfaces for family photos or keepsakes (just think of those charming mantels we so often see in movies and designer photos), and can also be one very unique room divider in an open plan. 

Whether you opt for minimalist, sleek and slim, raw and rustic, or sensational sophistication, there is most definitely a fireplace for you and your home.

So, with that in mind, why don’t we treat our visual senses to 10 stylish fireplaces that are simply, pun absolutely intended, hot!

1. Terrific with timber

Chalet Gstaad 根據 Ardesia Design 田園風
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

A wooden fireplace. The irony… but seriously, this timber-designed model of neutral tones and charming warmth has us remembering the good parts of winter. Not encasing that bright flame means the warm merriment is spread around so much more, with a snow-clad landscape visible through the windows considerably boosting this snug and comfy scene. 

Note that not all types of wood are ideal for constructing a fireplace, as the cheaper options won’t be able to withstand that heat.

2. ​A modern model

Free-standing, encased in a white box, with glass panels on either side? Sounds more like a fish tank, and yet we can’t tear our eyes away from this modern beauty by Kamin-Design, above. 

Its pale tones fit in most perfectly with its contemporary surroundings, and it offers adequate display surfaces for those family photos, sports trophies, and whatever else you wish to show off above your fireplace.

​3. A stove style

根據 homify

A quaint, rustic kitchen stove meets up with a delightful fireplace above, and it’s just fantastic. Thick tile in a deep ocean green makes up the exterior surface, allowing this hot body to continue to release welcoming warmth even when that flame starts to get lower.

4. The corner cutie

根據 Dim-ora

Modern, sleek, and very inviting – isn’t that what a fireplace should be? The cool neutral tones of whites and greys that rule this scene ensures that that bright flame becomes so much more eye-catching.

And although there is no mantle to house your keepsakes, a sufficient display surface in the form of a slab ledge spreads from the fireplace along the wall – or would that be a slim seating spot where you can enjoy the glowing warmth from up close?

​5. The triple-duty treat

You know you struck gold when you find a fireplace that not only keeps you warm and cosy, but also serves as a modern TV storage unit, plus a fancy room separator.

Painted in a dusty orange, this model immediately becomes a strong focal point in this living room, grabbing our attention just as effectively as any Hollywood blockbuster on that adjacent TV would.

​6. Simple yet successful

現代  by Dim-ora, 現代風

A sturdy block design in a tranquil white, standing out most strikingly from that black-and-gold floral wallpaper – who says your fireplace needs to be intricate to be effective? Offsetting your fireplace in a geometric design is just one of many ways to make it a centrepiece.

7. A fabulous focal point

經典  by UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques , 古典風
UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

The Buckingham Fire Surround with the London Plate Insert

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

The classic mantle that so many of us love, and here it stands out most prominently thanks to its bold approach to dark colours. This classic, early Victorian cast iron beauty is immediately updated to focal-feature status in this room.

We advise putting a striking element like this in a spacious room where it can rightfully stand out.

8. ​The sophisticated style

Antique mirror glass over mantel in Master bedroom 根據 Mirrorworks, The Antique Mirror Glass Company 現代風
Mirrorworks, The Antique Mirror Glass Company

Antique mirror glass over mantel in Master bedroom

Mirrorworks, The Antique Mirror Glass Company

If glamour and chic is more your style, then you don’t need to look further than this supreme beauty. A crisp white, expertly crafted body supported by a majestic piece of mirror glass ensures a model that is a unique combination of modern style and classic design. 

One almost doesn’t need to light a fire to appreciate this crafted exquisiteness.

​9. The summer spot

Lighting a fireplace is the last thing you want to do in summer, yet this nautical/tropical scene looks quite perfect when combined with that fireplace. 

Definitely more of a rustic model, this fireplace grabs attention with its cylindrical shape, off-white tone, and brick framework. And it even presents comfy seating spaces for reading and relaxing once the temperature drops and that baby gets lit up.

10. ​Hanging in there

現代  by Wharfside Furniture, 現代風
Wharfside Furniture

Cocoon Aeris Fireplace

Wharfside Furniture

Need to free up floor space, or do you just like it when your fireplace flaunts a look of modern and ultra craftsmanship? This stainless steel floating piece can rotate 360°, has the ability to be suspended from any flat or angled ceiling, and injects a polished, futuristic vibe into any interiors. 

From cosy insides to pleasant outsides, we’ll show you how to: Turn Up The Heat By Building Your Own Fire Pit.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風