12 ideas for unique built-in bookshelves


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12 ideas for unique built-in bookshelves

Honor Kennedy Honor Kennedy
現代  by IMAGO DESIGN, 現代風
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The humble bookshelf has come a long way since its inception many millennia ago. These days bookshelves vary in their style and design, with a seemingly endless array of uniquely alluring shapes and varieties. If you love to read, you will most certainly require a decent bookshelf for your dwelling, and today's Ideabook from homify will give you all the inspiration you need! 

We have gathered 12 fabulous ideas for unique built-in bookshelves that are sure to give your home a serious burst of style, while offering a neat storage solution for your reading material, as well as any additional ornamentation. Take a peek below, and consider an original style for your next built-in bookshelf!

1. A feature wall of books

First up we are taking a look at a gorgeously impressive wall of books. Here the bookshelf really shines, and works as a unique feature within the living space

2. Unique and sleek

For something a little more modern, this incorporated shelving system oozes class, style and refinement. Perfect for a contemporary home, or juxtaposed within a heritage property, this is the height of 'cool' design.

3. Geometric patterns

Bookshelves don't need to be large to be impressive. Here a geometric shaped modular system is neat, compact and seriously engaging. We love the green colour scheme, and the way it works within the minimalist space. 

4. An at-home library

現代  by KSR Architects, 現代風
KSR Architects

Thurlow Road 1

KSR Architects

If you crave that element of brooding luxury and class within your home, then you need to take a look at this gorgeous bookshelf. Replete with a sliding ladder, and dark timber veneer, this is a remarkable, unique feature for the room. 

If you are considering bespoke shelving, chat to a professional via the homify website. 

5. The beehive

Looking a little like a beehive, this wall-mounted diagonal shelving is perfect for more than simply books. Within the space sits a desk, offering practicality as well as style. 

6. Built-in wall dividers

{:asian=>"亞洲", :classic=>"經典", :colonial=>"殖民", :country=>" 國家", :eclectic=>"不拘一格", :industrial=>"產業", :mediterranean=>"地中海", :minimalist=>"極簡主義", :modern=>"現代", :rustic=>"鄉村", :scandinavian=>"斯堪的納維亞", :tropical=>"熱帶"}  by Versat,

Sometimes a room needs segregation and privacy, but you don't want a wall to ruin the open-plan aesthetic and ambience within the space. That's where wall dividers such as this built-in bookshelf are particularly useful. 

7. A doorway of books

Unused doorways can offer a wonderful place for shelving, storage, and of course a bookshelf! This space has been beautifully utilised with a stylish shelf system that provides plenty of room for books and ornaments. 

8. The fabulous corner nook shelf

Do you have a corner that is unused and asking for purpose? Consider a wall-mounted corner shelf such as this one that will brighten your space and inject it with pizzazz and panache. 

9. Hanging books

現代  by agustav, 現代風

Book rack in Ash


Why put books on shelves when you can hang them? This simple bookshelf is a great option for those who live in cramped apartments, or compact spaces. This style of shelf is also great for children's rooms, as they have easy access to their books, and can clean up quickly. 

10. A work of art

現代  by dontDIY, 現代風

Apartment v02


This bookshelf is a piece of changing art within your home. Depending on the different arrangement of books and accessories, this shelf can be changed to suit alternate interior styles and designs. 

11. Eclectic modernity

斯堪的納維亞  by iDecorate Ltd, 北歐風
iDecorate Ltd

Scandinavian Cool

iDecorate Ltd

For something a little different, these wall-mounted shelves are gorgeously eclectic and utterly adorable. Each shelf is a different size and shape, adding interest and uniqueness within the room. This style is also wonderful for compact apartments where a traditional bookshelf may impede on the space. 

12. Antique class and refinement

Finally, this antique shelf is a real highlight and a unique design. Here the style is effortlessly chic, with a relaxed sense of luxury and lavishness. 

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