Transformed: the Bright House


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Transformed: the Bright House

Leigh Leigh
 房子 by Студия архитектуры и дизайна Вояджи Дарьи, 現代風
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Design-Studio 63 are experts in professionally developing individual projects, including country homes, of medium to high level complexity.

These experts do not hesitate and if you look through their portfolio, you will see that they not only visualise incredible projects, but they also feature a lot of important and real photographs of buildings that have been completed.

Working under the requests of individuals, these professional architects and designers try to find the most ideal solution for the specific customer.

Let's look at one of these projects that has caught our attention thanks to its eccentric character!

The construction process

The roof of this home is very prominent to the architectural plan. Therefore it needs to not only be functional and stable, but also beautiful.

The pitched roof is practical and has a number of advantages. The angle of the roof ensures that water and snow runs off it and doesn't collect, which also helps to keep it clean too! This is a very solid design.

Beneath it hides the attic door, where the private part of the home with the balcony is located.

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Preliminary design

This cottage has been created for young couples who like the idea of being able to stay in a relaxing spot on the outskirts of the city.

A nice feature of this house is its harmonious design and the balancing of the exterior decor. It seems that a facade should have an unpretentious style with an abundance of colours and bright accents.

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Sturdy exterior

This design is just perfect, with a belt of bricks running around the bottom of the home, which have been used as the foundation.

The integrity of this design ensures that the weight of the building is evenly distributed on the ground. The cost of such a foundation is not very cheap, but it is a great investment as it is able to carry a large load and is very strong.

This design has a longer life and, more importantly, is durable for the long-term.

Summer landscapes

With the desire to create a harmonious connection between the home and nature, the creators of this project designed a house with large windows that give the structure of the building an elegance and a weightlessness.

The window openings emphasise the character and personality of the cottage, creating a gorgeous appearance. How modern and fabulous is this design?

Family paradise

The designers haven't gone for large, panoramic windows, possibly because of the climate in Russia and the high heat loss. 

However, modern energy-saving technologies can fix this problem in a heart beat, so that you don't have to worry about cold, winter nights. Therefore large and bright windows are not only functional but warm too!

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風