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13 Amazing tiny homes that feel huge

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Some of us love small apartments and homes. They have something special and cosy about them, and if you're creative you can turn them into beautiful, innovative and stylish spaces that could make even the owners of mansions get green eyes. Others have no real choice in the matter. Maybe you live in a big city with super expensive rental prices, maybe you haven't quite got the money for somewhere bigger or perhaps you're a student struggling to make ends meet. Either way, there are plenty of solutions for people living in studio apartments or tiny spaces. Take a look at this list and see if any of these ideas inspire you to make changes to your own surrounds. 

1. Genius bedroom idea

This construction is simply amazing. If you have a studio space to work with, this can go against one wall, then you have the whole remainder of the room to place a dining room or living room setting in. What's even better is that this offers a solution for the potential of two beds. So if you've got two kids but only one bedroom for them, this is a great way to make sure there's still some space on the floor for activities, or space for a desk or two. It also encapsulates the wardrobe, which has more than enough space for clothes and a bit of storage.

2. Combined living and dining

If you've got a small room and need to squeeze a living and dining room into it, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you get everything you need in but don't compromise on style. Often small living rooms seem too crowded and the best way to solve the issue is simple – less clutter! Keep furniture items small and decorative items to a minimum. As seen here a simple two seat sofa and a small dining table are all the room needs.

3. Neat and tidy wall divider

If the space you've got isn't too tiny, a wall divider can be a very good choice. Tread carefully because it can crowd and cramp the space, but as seen here it can also make it seem significantly larger than it is. By dividing this room into a dining area and a living area/study, it feels effortlessly stylish, trendy and totally spacious. If you want to add this many pieces to a small room, make sure you really think about the amount of space you're using – avoid clutter at all costs!

4.A simple loft

This small room provides another clear example of how keeping things minimal is the best way to make a tiny space seem bigger. The style here is clearly rustic, as shown by the exposed concrete style walls and floor and the brick feature wall. The little loft space also looks incomplete (but complete, somehow) due to the style of wood used. Usually a room of this style seems cool but not cosy, however in this instance, due to the small size, it's able to tick all the boxes.

5. TV in the kitchen

Obviously the room here is a little bit bigger than the previous ones we've taken a look at. That being said, it's still not massive. The use of a soft, light curtain as a room divider is a great way to split the space without boxing it off too much, or making it seem cluttered. This achieves the goal of creating two rooms but keeping them both open. The TV nestled under the small kitchen island also works to separate the spaces but keep the whole room as a whole. Wunderbar!

6. The all in one

Cool and conceptual, perfectly combined. We all know that when you've got a studio space, it's often tricky to decide where the bed and sofa should go – sometimes it seems there will only be space for one, not the other. This design shows one way you can seamlessly combine the two without taking up any more space than is necessary. The use of drawers to life the bed and sofa space off the ground is super clever because it doubles as storage.

7. Curtain divide

Here we see another excellent example of splitting a room with a simple curtain. if the bedroom and sofa areas were simply combined, it would feel like everything was chucked into one room because there was nowhere else to put it. While that might literally be the case, the simple installation of a curtain adds style and a sense that there was some attention to interior design detail when planning the room. Putting a curtain in is surprisingly easy too, you can just use a suspension based rod.

8. The long and lean

Using the beautiful window/door to the balcony as the centerpiece makes this otherwise very small room seem large, open and bright. The addition of a wallpapered feature wall adds a feeling of luxury and complements the the window style perfectly. By keeping all the furniture to monochrome colours, it helps not to crowd the lean space. It feels soft and welcoming instead of totally overdone.  

9. Fresh and clean

A similar shape room to the above, this space takes a similar approach and achieves equally. The all white walls and beautiful, wooden floorboards create a sense of openness and light, despite the space actually being quite small. The addition of a black sofa brings a bit of contrast to the space, but keeping everything else white (with some plants for a feeling of life) ensures that the room is keep minimal but cosy. 

10. Use every inch

In a space this small, the best way to take advantage of every square inch is to literally use them – including those above the ground. Verticality is a great idea when the width and length of a room leaves a lot to be desired. This involves a fair bit of handy work and a good understanding of building – but there's no reason you can't get someone in to craft it for you. Leaving the end of the bed open saves the space from feeling to claustrophobic. Genius.  

11. Classic loft

Creating a loft bed has always been a good idea for small spaces. By getting the bed up onto the roof, a huge amount of space is freed up on the floor, and is creates a cosy little nook. In this instance, the use of the space as an office works perfectly. Also, by using a makeshift staircase instead of a simple ladder the room is given a sense of style and character, the the office becomes its own sectioned off area. 

12. Use corners

This small space has been given a second story and a rather large staircase leading to it. The small kitchen and bathroom can be seen and a dining area clearly exists just out of the frame. So, a living room needs to be squeezed into the space between. Using the space underneath your stairs, regardless of the size of your home, is always a good idea and in this instance it functions perfectly as a TV unit area. Bottom line: make sure you cleverly use all corners and nooks. If you like this idea, check out our: 10 Genius, easy solutions for the space under your stairs.

13. Fold down bed

Another classic is the folding down bed. Here it's clearly hidden behind the sofa, ready to come down strictly for sleeping. Whether the quality of the mattress is compromised so that it can fit into this mechanism is a matter of trial and error. What is certain is that you can save a lot of space be incorporating the bed into the wall. This style can be quite polarising. What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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