12 perfectly Bohemian living rooms that look amazing in any home!


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12 perfectly Bohemian living rooms that look amazing in any home!

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Narigua House 根據 P+0 Arquitectura 隨意取材風
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Bohemian style has been a long-standing inspiration for the arts, architecture and interior design for good reason. It allows homeowners to include all those unique, and often odd, features and items that they love so dearly.  It's also colourful, visually stimulating and interesting to say the least.  Surprisingly, it can also be one of the hardest looks to create or re-create because of the subtle features that need to be considered and included.

Take a look at these twelve, inspiring Bohemian living rooms to get your creative juices flowing!

On a smaller-scale

Smaller home or living room? No problem! Bohemian might even be your best bet! Combine everything you love – but be careful not to over-clutter a small space. Combine different shades of wood as well as interesting accessories and furnishings for a special touch.


Bohemian doens't have to mean messy, random items laying around – it's quite strategic, natural and effortless. Always inclusive of art, colours, textures, patterns and an array of vintage and new materials, Bohemian is the best way to create a visually stimulating look in your home.


Colours. Patterns. Textures. That's what the Bohemian style is all about. Looking for a quick-fix to your Bohemian solution? Get a large-format statement piece for above the couch or fireplace and mix this with unique seating options and a fantastically patterned rug!

Safari from afar

Safari is a classic inspiration for a Bohemian home! Lots of textures, patterns and nature-inspired details are the name of the game in this room.  Check out the antlers on the coffee table with the large-format art books and see how this creates an area of sophistication!


From the large-format wall hanging to the high ceilings and fresh white paint – this living room is the true definition of effortlessly chic. Take a close look at how the patterned rug plays with the brown shades of the wooden doors and interior windows!

Plentiful and colourful

Narigua House 根據 P+0 Arquitectura 隨意取材風
P+0 Arquitectura

Narigua House

P+0 Arquitectura

Bohemian patterns are never lacking in colour, and that is definitely true in this large living room.  From the large-format statement piece over the fireplace to the pillows, cushions and lamp shade that interact with the same colours, this living room is a perfectly-planned Bohemian setting!

Subtle bits of Scandinavian

A combination of tastes can sometimes give the best look and the design is in the details. This living room has combined a rather neutral Scandinavian colour-palette with large-format art and unique furnishings for an effortlessly modern living room.

It's all in the details

Every look is in the details – and that's never more important than in Bohemian-inspired rooms. From classic coffee table art books, to floral-patterned pillows and storage containers and little knick-knacks sitting around, this living room looks perfectly detailed without feeling over-cluttered!

Why not use a Bohemian crystal chandelier as the ultimate focal point in a colourful room?

Interior and exterior combined

If you're lucky enough to have a combination exterior/interior area of your home, use this to your advantage with a Bohemian setting. A perfect mix of patterns, modern accessories and unique furnishings make this combination room feel tropical, free and cosy. Even an urban jungle can easily be created in combination spaces – like in this example!

Kitsch – required

If you're a minimalist, then we suggest you look elsewhere. However, sometimes an artful and strategic use of all the unique items in your life can give off an effortless Bohemian vibe.

Elegantly bohemian

The large-scale patterned rug, modern furnishings and cosy fireplace make this living room elegantly Bohemian.  The combination of fresh white walls, exposed wood ceiling beams and nature-inspired accessories provide the perfect look!

A little bit of everything

根據 homify 隨意取材風

Why not throw patterned pillows, texturised throws and animal skin rugs into the mix for a perfectly cosy and Bohemian-inspired living room?  Bohemian is best described as an artful and sensual combination of all things natural, charismatic and dramatic – yet with an effortless illusion. Don't you feel inspired for summer now?

Want to see how a Bohemian home can come together? Check out this colourful family home!

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