8 inspiring little stair gardens to brighten up your home


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8 inspiring little stair gardens to brighten up your home

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地中海  by Ojinaga, 地中海風
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If you've seen the title of this article felt confused then keep reading as interior stair gardens are a great way to pep up a sorely underestimated area in your home. We promise this isn't a joke, your stairs really can be a great place to keep some houseplants!

From large, boxed in installations to a few little potted goodies, you can brighten up your stairs no end by welcoming some leafy friends so take a look and see if you might be missing a decorating trick!

1. When in doubt, Zen it out

If you are always looking for new ways to maintain your Zen, a stair garden is the perfect accessory for you. This incredibly chic installation sees calming pebbles and bonsai living in harmony, filling the room with so much calm you can't deny! 

2. It's a jungle in here!

Lopez Interiors have really gone to town with this amazing stair garden and would you just take a look at what a huge and gorgeous impact it has on the rest of the room. Without this green addition, the room could be a little stale and boring but with it, it's all sorts of stylish.

3. Keeping it simple

If a veritable jungle underneath your stairs isn't viable, some tall growing potted plants will still make a good impression, especially if they can grow up the full height of your staircase. We think these palms really add a special something to an already lovely living room.

4. All the way around

鄉村  by Capra Architects, 田園風
Capra Architects

Melin Esgob, Llannerch-y-Medd, North Wales

Capra Architects

At the bottom of a spiral staircase, we think bushy greenery looks beautiful and brings to mind images of the rainforest. By appearing to grow out from the 'trunk' of the staircase, there is such an organic vibe here. It's like bringing your outdoor garden, inside.

5. It doesn't have to be alive

現代  by sayyam interiors., 現代風 大理石
sayyam interiors.

Entrance lobby

sayyam interiors.

If you love the thought of having a stair garden but you know you are the grim reaper of plants, try something a little less high maintenance. Dried twigs, covered in lashings of fairy lights look utterly spectacular, won't die on you and will really brighten your hallway.

6. Small but no less mighty

地中海  by Ojinaga, 地中海風

Can we call this a stair garden? Well, there are plants there so we're going with it. We think this quiet little chill out area not only offers functionality but also looks superb. Taking full advantage of usually wasted under stairs potential, these pretty potted flowers have transformed what would have been dead space into a living haven!

7. No space, no worries

If you are chomping at the bit to try installing your own stair garden but have no room underneath, get a little more creative! We love these wall-mounted creepers that make the hallway feel as though it's coming alive! The added bonus is that you'll pass them everyday so (shouldn't) forget to water them.

8. One for the lazy gardener

If your idea of gardening is owning a few cacti and watering them twice a year, you're in luck as that can be the cornerstone of a super stair garden.

Taking advantage of a windowsill, you can brighten up your stairs and add a little fun by popping your spiky friends there and letting them dictate the surrounding decoration. The weirder the shape of your cacti, the better!

For more ways to bring plants into your home, take a look at this Ideabook: Plants For Living Room Spaces.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風