10 perfect industrial-style interiors


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10 perfect industrial-style interiors

April Kennedy April Kennedy
根據 Versat
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Industrial-inspired homes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They reflect the contemporary desire for a more authentic and less glitzy approach to the way we live. Industrial homes are all about exposing the basic support structures in our homes. This means leaving materials unvarnished, unpolished and allowing the raw beauty of building materials to shine.

The best thing about industrial-style architecture is that it surpasses the usual barriers of class and wealth. This is a look that can be created on any budget. So come with us to explore 10 fabulous industrial-inspired homes. We have tried to include something to suit all tastes and budgets, so let's go!

1. An eclectic industrial home

Nothing needs to perfectly match in an industrial home. And here we have a great example of how a mis-match of chairs and accessories have been used to create a raw, welcoming abode.

2. Raw materials in all their beauty

This small one-room industrial-style home has a plethora of raw materials. Simple particle board has been left exposed on the loft bed and the simple wooden furniture is a nice touch. But if you are looking for some quick and easy inspiration, you can't go past the simple aluminium builders ladder that leads to the bed!

3. Distressed walls

This study has all the hallmarks of industrial style. There is a desk made from iron piping, wooden materials and most importantly, some distressed walls.

4. Humble industrial-style decor

根據 malee 工業風

Not all of us have the luxury of working with a beautiful old building. But here we have a good example of how the industrial look can be created in a small modern apartment. All you need is a monochrome palette and some iron furnishings. If you are lucky enough to have a brick wall, leave it exposed for the final touch!

5. Concrete is king

Raw or polished concrete is a must in any luxurious industrial home. Here we have a beautifully subtle grey living room that shows just how stunning concrete can be!

6. Exposed electrical components

Exposed electrical components are a key part of this look. In this industrial style bathroom they add a cool, informal feel to the space.

7. Casual relaxed loft

The industrial look is a casual look. This is not a style that needs a great deal of refinement. Just look at the lights on the ceiling in this cool Japanese loft by Tenhachi. They have simply been attached to iron chains looped over the exposed pipes on the ceiling.

8. Exposed structure

The support structures have been left totally exposed in this luxurious loft-style home. A few bold pieces of artwork add an edgy, contemporary look and an all white decor makes the home feel bright and breezy.

9. Simple industrial kitchen

Even the simplest modern kitchen can have an industrial feel with some simple vintage light globes. Just create a haphazard row and loop the electrical cord over a hanging feature.

10. Piping shelving unit

根據 Versat

Exposed pipes aren't just for electrical elements. They can also be used to create furniture. The open pipe shelving by Versat really defines the look in this lovely living room.

The ideas that inspire these kind of designs have strong links to much Japanese-style architecture, so have a look at 11 of the best Japanese interiors too.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風