7 Options For The Perfect Braai


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7 Options For The Perfect Braai

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 庭院 by MUDA Home Design, 田園風
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When was the last time you treated yourself (and your family/friends) to a “lekker” braai outside? Yes, we know that winter is here, but the occasional sunny day can be found tucked away in a weekend here and there, which would be perfect for a mid-morning to afternoon gathering of friends in front of a roaring fire. 

Just imagine: grilled chicken, a flaming piece of beef, a bottle of wine, and a selection of your favourite people to make that braai all the more exciting. 

To get you further in the mood, we have gathered a few scenic settings that can make up the ideal braai, whether you’re roasting a lamb or throwing a majestic hake over the coals.


1. The outdoor kitchen

極簡主義  by Soc Bou, 簡約風

If you like your outdoor cooking to mirror a stylish indoor space, then this baby could be for you: it’s sleek, it’s slim, and it’s silver. Brought to us by Soc Bou, it can turn your garden into a cutting-edge space, thanks to its modern design and smooth finishes. 

Ideal for when you want to add a ‘haute cuisine’ touch to braai day.

2. The attention-grabber

現代  by homify, 現代風

When gathering with the friends in front of that fire, what do you discuss? How about this striking barbeque model, with a unique junction of timber and black metal conjuring up a most stylish space for that hot little fire? 

It has sufficient space for a decent piece of meat, plus some leftover surface for the additional dishes (or beverages of choice). 

Can’t you just see yourself being the braai master in front of this little model?

3. The rustic indoor setting

With the dropping temperatures, we don’t blame you for wanting to retreat indoors. So, we’ve included this rustic beauty, perfect for the kitchen, braai room, or terrace.

Boasting a very charming look of brick and concrete, it also presents adequate space for food- prepping and displaying!

4. The scenic fireplace

You know that crackling fire is half the magic of the braai, so why not go with something that allows you to enjoy that vibrating heat in style? This stone-and-wire combination flaunts a look that is somewhere between masculine and chic, meaning it can lend an eye-catching look to just about any space!

5. Compact and portable

Don’t have the perfect view in your back yard? Then pack up that braai and go find one. From your neighbour’s house to the park to the beach, this compact creation delivers the roasted food as long as you deliver the scenic surroundings. 

Also the perfect option for our braai lovers who must make do with nothing more than a modest little balcony.

6. Stunning in stone

Want your braai to say “look at me” (and we don’t mean the size of that fire)? Then opt for this striking model from brick and tile that presents a very neat and modern look. 

It has sufficient space for a wide range of meats, plus additional braaing surface for those roasted veggies. Perfection? We think so too!

7. The braai shrine

Ever since its discovery, fire has pretty much stayed the same. Braaing and grilling, on the other hand, have evolved significantly, and today it’s not strange to devote an entire space or structure to your cooked meats. 

So, if you want to give your braai the attention (and space) it deserves, then maybe this stunning architectural creation will do it? 

We understand if you don’t want to share and show – so, see our: 8 Tips for more privacy in the garden!

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風