9 simple ways to keep your home office tidy


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9 simple ways to keep your home office tidy

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For individuals who regularly work from home, keeping an ordered, spotless and uncluttered work area is the key to efficiency and productivity. When an area is messy or untidy, it makes finding documents and papers difficult, as well as creating an uninviting aesthetic and ambience. As spring is in full swing, there is no better time to get that home office looking sleek and chaos free. 

If you need a few handy tips and tricks, read on here to learn how to swiftly and stylishly organise your space. From employing smart storage systems to going minimal with your desk design, we have some stylish options that are sure to transform your workspace from messy to magical!

1. Purge those papers

First things first, it's essential you purge those papers and create a space that is clean, clear and tidy. We often hoard a lot of unnecessary items, leading to clutter and an overall sense of confusion within the space. Take some time to audit your room, throwing away anything superfluous or irrelevant. 

2. Employ wall storage

Wall storage is a great way to keep your home workspace organised and tidy. Take some cues from this neat example that has repurposed timber crates to provide essential space for all of those necessary home office accoutrements. 

If you need help with your workplace storage, chat to a professional via the homify website, and get the right expert advice.

3. Clear away cables

Cables are undoubtedly disastrous for the overall ambience and aesthetic of your space. Invest your time and money in cable ties, paying particular attention to the desk area, ensuring cables are away from the space where your feet are located. By clearing up cords you will establish a welcoming and organised ambience, creating a neat and tidy workspace.

4. Ensure you have filing storage

Filing your papers will ensure your home office remains stylishly neat and tidy. Keep your important items colour coded or categorise them into easily recognisable sections. 

5. Organise your books

Organise your books and reading material so that they are easy to access when you need them quickly. Sort by genre or alphabetise authors for a sleek and orderly room. If you want to create an eye-catching bookshelf, organise your books by colour to impart a stunningly stylish space. 

6. Pick a neutral colour scheme

Neutral colours will ensure you avoid unnecessarily cluttering your space, or forgetting to clean. Often darker hues are best when you want to hide mess and grime, but can lead to an area that isn't nearly as orderly and spotless as you may want it to be. 

7. Keep it minimal

Minimalism is the key to office productivity and success. Remove any unneeded items and only hold on to the absolute essentials. This will ensure your room is neat, tidy and chaos free. 

8. Utilise wall space

If you like to adorn your office with inspirational pictures, images and posters, ensure you keep them well organised and on the wall. Often we fall into the trap of keeping many accessories on our desk, but this ends up cluttering the room. Invest in frames, clipboards and other exciting ways to hang your office inspiration, and keep your space looking sleek and chic. 

9. Categorise your accessories and accoutrements

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to categorise your office bits and pieces. Place commonly used items together, such as printers with paper, or mail in separate containers, and watch your room feel more organised, as well as more efficient. 

We hope this Ideabook provided you with a few neat ideas to keep your home office spic and span! If you would like to continue reading, check out: 7 tips to create your Google-inspired home office

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