Garden project that does not require a professional


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Garden project that does not require a professional

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What can you do if you're loathed to call in professional landscape gardeners but want to give your outdoor space a freshen up? Well, you might be surprised to see some of the hugely impactful additions you could easily create with your own fair hands, as long as you don't mind getting them a little dirty.

You don't need to be an expert to tackle any of these amazingly cool projects but you might need some patience and precision. Take a look, get inspired and start planning your beautiful new garden today!

1. Build fences not walls

Fences are deceptively simple to install and if you like this cut out version, so much the better as there's no need for perfection. Simply get your posts into the ground, slot the panels into place and… ta da! A total transformation. Adding some flower boxes would be a nice touch.

2. Talk about a terrace

To add pizzazz to your garden you should definitely consider building a small terrace, even if you only plan to barbecue on it. Pre-made decking is a great way to make this a quick and easy project but feel free to get creative with the shape you lay.

3. Easy access for all

If you've taken the time to create a beautiful garden, you want to be able to access even the farthest reaches of it, especially to tend and look after your plants. A simple and cheap way to achieve this is to pour a concrete path. Simple timber shuttering will give you your pouring frame, then it's just requires some graft to tamp it all smooth.

4. Boulder along

Eastern influences always looks amazing in outdoor spaces so if you could use a little Zen in your life, think about building a little rock garden. The materials will be reasonably priced, the process is simple and you can freestyle all you like to put your own stamp on it.

5. Coax a little nature over

Nothing quite represents a successful garden like the presence of large amount of nature. With that in mind, we think casting your own birdbaths from concrete is a fabulous, fun and artistic project. If you're not confident about shuttering moulds, how about using broken butler sinks instead and mounting them creatively?

6. Up and down we go

We love multi-level decking! In an otherwise quite understated or plain garden, it really makes a big impression. All you need to do is create the platforms then alternate the length of the legs. So simple but, with some solar lights underneath, massively impactful!

7. Underfoot undulation

Do you love getting a foot rub? Well, instead of laying a plain concrete path, why not pour less concrete and create the shape and surface with large, smooth pebbles instead? What a wonderful sensory addition that will only take you a weekend to complete.

For more easy garden projects, take a look at this Ideabook: Attract Wildlife Into Your Garden The Easy Way.

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