How to bring that bohemian-chic vibe into your home

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The bohemian style remains one of the most popular interior design approaches to date. And, for good reason. With its eclectic mix of influences, from the hippie '70s era to the bustling streets of Marrakech (or somewhere a little closer to home, Malate), this style beloved by intellectuals and creative types presents an air of nonchalance without forsaking the soul, warmth, and comfort of one's space. So, if you've always wanted to capture that spirited boho-chic sense at home, here are some tips and visual inspirations to get you started:

Throw away the rules

The first rule to achieving that carefree boho-chic style is, well, there are no rules! Being bohemian is all about living the laid-back lifestyle, so try not to overthink and over-plan. Instead, adopt a playful attitude towards decorating by simply treating your space to a wild and easy blend of different patterns, styles, textures, and colors.

Be bold with your colors

Speaking of colors, bring more life into your communal spaces such as the living and dining rooms, as well as the veranda, by painting its walls with vibrant hues, just like this blue home designed by Brazilian architects Arquitetando Ideias. Of course, you don't need to stop with the walls! Follow it up by adding equally-colorful interiors to create a wonderful, homey contrast. 

Warm details

Another dominant element seen in bohemian-style homes are rustic and tribal decors. Create an overall warm ambiance by incorporating a few exotic wooden pieces such as chairs, tables, and frames, most of which you will find in a myriad of antique shops in Malate, Cubao, and even as far north as Baguio or Vigan.

A sunny disposition

Set a natural and airy mood by making way for natural light to come into your space. Taking this Celia Orlandi project in São Paulo as an example, utilize the Philippines's 12-hour sunlight by favoring large, picture windows, skipping the curtains, and simply letting the sunshine in.

Interesting details

Channel a little bit of bobo, French-inspired decorating style called bourgeois-bohème, by punctuating your place with unique, flea market finds. While flea markets like the ones you find in Europe are far and few in between in the Philippines, there are places where you can find vintage accents and furnishings such as Cubao X, Barangay Bangkal in Makati, and the Escolta Saturday Market. 

Embrace creativity

Add color and life to a plain, white wall in your bedroom by dotting them with interesting art pieces such as a painting or interesting-looking images you've found in flea markets or your travels. Also, don't be afraid to fill in the walls with as many interesting wall art as you can, because the bohemian way always follows the more is more kind of attitude. 

Be full of surprises

Few people would actually pay special attention to their bathroom, but a carefree bohemian would probably do. They are full of surprises, after all. Go for a more unconventional vibe by opting for vibrant shades for your tiles and covering the walls with kaleidoscopic patterns associated with the boho-chic style. Guests would definitely be impressed!