10 amazing black and white kitchens


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10 amazing black and white kitchens

April Kennedy April Kennedy
現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 homify 現代風
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Introducing black into the kitchen is certainly one of the more daring design choices a person can make. So when it's teamed with white, the effect is amazing. Black and white kitchens have drama, mystery and just a hint of formality. They also create some fairly powerful relationships between the various features in the room. The sharp contrast between black and white can throw certain features into sharp focus. It can be used to play with the boundaries of a kitchen or even link the kitchen to the living room in an open plan layout. There is a huge range of possibilities. But it's better to explore all this in photos! So come with us to check out 10 amazing black and white kitchens…

1. Geometric theme

現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 homify 現代風

The sharp contrast between the white curtains and black kitchen cabinets here really highlight the uninterrupted lines in this black kitchen. This gives the kitchen a geometric feel that is further accentuated by the simple geometric style artworks on the wall.

2. Mirrored tiles

現代  by Dream Doors Ltd, 現代風
Dream Doors Ltd

Metallic Anthracite Kitchen

Dream Doors Ltd

Black and white kitchens can get dark, so the mirrored splashback in this kitchen is a fabulous way of introducing more light. It also lightens up the design and adds a sophisticated gloss to this monochrome kitchen.

3. Mirrors and metallics

Maximalist Modern 現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 Design Intervention 現代風
Design Intervention

Maximalist Modern

Design Intervention

Mirrors and metallics look great when teamed with black. This kitchen comes to us courtesy of Singaporean designer Design Intervention. It definitely has a little retro-style glamour.

4. Curved kitchen bench

現代  by Dream Doors Ltd, 現代風
Dream Doors Ltd

Ultra Gloss Black Kitchen

Dream Doors Ltd

We love how the gentle curve of this white kitchen bench has softened up this black kitchen. The point where black and white elements meet will always draw the eye in black and white kitchens.

5. Edgy modern kitchen design

This amazingly edgy black and white kitchen has a more experimental design. The cabinets are custom made and the geometric angles give the kitchen a lot of energy.

6. Monochrome open-plan layout

Strictly speaking, this kitchen has just a hint of black, but the overall theme here is definitely monochromatic. The kitchen has been integrated into the dining room with an awesome black and white palette.

7. Black kitchen island

This is definitely a kitchen for lovers of minimalism! The sleek kitchen storage units here are completely hidden behind fold out doors. The simple white cupboards work beautifully against the all-black kitchen island.

8. White kitchen island

This white kitchen island is a shining beacon in this black room. It makes the space feel bright, fresh and sociable. Best of all, it helps define the kitchen eating area from the living rooms in this one-room apartment.

9. Regal textures

極簡主義  by Dream Doors Ltd, 簡約風
Dream Doors Ltd

Grove Dark Oak Melinga Kitchen

Dream Doors Ltd

Textures are really important in giving life to a black interior. In this amazing black and white kitchen, the textured wallpaper has been used to set a rather regal theme.

10. A light touch

Fulham House by Peek Architecture. 現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 Alex Maguire Photography 現代風
Alex Maguire Photography

Fulham House by Peek Architecture.

Alex Maguire Photography

Black adds a certain gloss and sophistication to an interior. But it can be easily be used in excess. Check out this black and white kitchen. Black has been used with a very light touch!

Good lighting is absolutely imperative in any kitchen, but it's even more important when introducing the light sucking element of black. This ideabook may be able to help - How to get the perfect lighting in every room.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風