Wall Decor: 8 stone wall tricks that will give your home a modern twist


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Wall Decor: 8 stone wall tricks that will give your home a modern twist

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 客廳 by guido anacker photographie, 工業風
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Want some drama in your home décor? Add a stone element. Nothing looks dramatic and minimalist quite like a stony addition. The raw appeal of a stone wall lends a unique character and mood to any space. 

Slowly become a favourite among interior decorators, stone walls can be used to achieve an innovative and earthy look. The best part is this versatile material can be used in most of your rooms to give a different look to the area. Here are some interesting stone wall ideas that can offer a designer look to your home…

An accent wall

Believe it or not, the more natural elements you bring into your home, the better it is for your mind and body. Neutral colour stones blend well with the colour palettes and décor of most homes. 

Think of using a beautiful stone wall as an accent wall or as a divider to offer privacy to another dining area. Use large rough stones of different sizes to add to the minimalist look.  

Achieving the right symmetry

You can also use granite, river stone or marble rocks to create a wall of beauty. However, you must keep the shape and size in mind for the right symmetry. Expert architects can combine different sizes without leaving any gap between the rocks. 

The picture here shows an example of a stunning stone wall, put together by Kababie Architects, as part of a media room decor. Indirect Lighting creates a cozy atmosphere which fits the rustic style. 

A cool courtyard wall

Stone tablets are best suited for outdoor décor. The irregular surface and the dynamic texture of this sort of wall is ideal for an outdoor garden or a courtyard. 

As shown in the picture, porous stones with corrosive quality add a rustic touch to the outdoor. These stones can also be used on the floors and fountains.

The industrial look

If you want a modern yet experimental look in your living room, use a corner for installing a wall of smooth dark flagstones. This will offer a rich industrial look that has a raw and a minimalistic appeal. 

Look at the fireplace right beneath the wall that adds an element of warmth and comfort – modern, yet timeless.

Supreme sophistication

 臥室 by Kabaz, 隨意取材風

River stones are expensive, beautiful, animatedly colored and extremely soft textured. If you are not a fan of large stone walls, try using the smaller river stones to create an ambience of harmony and calm. 

In this bedroom, multiple colors have been used to achieve a look that is peaceful and coordinated. 

Its all about elegance

Stones can break all architectural barriers with its elegance. Check out this smooth wall, built with delicate granite and polished stones, that offers a refined look to the patio.

The rustic crossover

Many designers use stone walls, shaped out of stones of different shapes and sizes, to add a beautiful rustic look to the ambiance. 

The wooden flooring and panels, along with a modern fireplace, blend in perfectly to add an effortless elegance to the rustic decor. 

Tightly-packed partition

The raw look of a stony wall sometimes works perfectly to highlight a particular area of the house and turn it into a focal point. Look how artistically the stone-clad wall diverts attention to the fireplace in this living area. This wall enhances the warm and cosy feeling of a modern living space. 

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風