9 dream wardrobes to keep your clothes in order


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9 dream wardrobes to keep your clothes in order

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
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Wardrobes are similar to kitchens, in that you spend a lot of time dreaming about the perfect one while maintaining the reality of what you have.  

There are plenty of ways to both appreciate the space you have and use it to its fullest extent.  Whether that be functional storage systems or practical organisation and planning, we have several examples that should both inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

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Wood with Asian influences

There's truly a place for everything in this Asian-inspired wardrobe. The use of lighter wood or bamboo and a matching light fixture provide a cleanliness and organisation that almost no other wardrobe could.  

For this look, keep things all the same, neutral and bright – the inspiration to keep things organised will follow, we promise!

Light and white

This wardrobe instantly looks enlarged visually because of the use of bright white for both the ceilings and the shelving system.  

Try keeping things all-white and pairing it with a light pastel-coloured carpet or flooring for a fresh and modern look.

Variety in compartment sizes

With places for hats, scarves, clothing, shoes, jewelry and even luggage, this wardrobe truly has space for everything and it's brilliant! 

When considering a storage or shelving system, try to use variety in sizes, depths and placement to allow room for even the items that you didn't originally plan for.

Parisian chic

Older homes can often lack the modern-day essentials and functional storage systems – but that doesn't mean anything if you use space correctly.

The combination of a clothing rack, bottom-floor compartments and upper shelves has variety and allows this small dressing room to feel incredibly large and high.

Professional dressing room

Sleek flooring, a seating area over a carpeted area, a beautiful wardrobe system and wonderful skylights make this a rather professional dressing room. 

The neutrals of this wardrobe work well with the great amount of natural light and matching colour scheme.

Scandinavian flair

Modern, sleek and neutral, this wardrobe has several Scandinavian elements. The unique lighting fixture, seating arrangement and minimal shelving system make every meter look clean, organised and essentialist.

Organisation reigns supreme – you're sure to find everything you're looking for here when you get dressed in the morning!


根據 homify 現代風 木頭 Wood effect

Keeping things white, essential and bright, wardrobe is perfectly minimalist and clean. The compartments are kept larger for folded items, luggage storage, handbags and shoes, which creates a great sense of variety.

Looking for the ultimate minimalist wardrobe or some great alternatives? We have it covered!

Eclectic modernism

What a great use of an interesting-shaped space. Unique lighting fixtures, modern colours and multiple types of wood grain make this wardrobe both eclectic and modern.

A space like this would definitely force any homeowner to live minimally and stay organised with exposed shelving and cabinets!

Luxurious leather

Animal skins, luxurious leather seatin and plenty of light are what make this wardrobe incredibly beautiful. Not only area clothes stored in this wardrobe but throws, blankets and bed linens as well! Why not combine clothing with household goods to have everything in one place?

Are you feeling inspired by some of our great designers and options? Get on your way to your very own fabulous wardrobe with an ideabook on how to quickly organise your wardrobe!

Don't forget – you can always find more wardrobe inspiration on Homify!

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