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Stortford Road 根據 Aralia 古典風 鐵/鋼
Stortford Road 根據 Aralia 古典風 鐵/鋼
Stortford Road 根據 Aralia 古典風 鐵/鋼

An Edwardian House with many of its original features. Our clients at Stortford Road had a growing family and busy lifestyles so were keen to create a family home. Our design brief was to offer a sense of space with flexibility of use, whilst remaining a design that was durable and easy to maintain.

The current garden needed a clear out and complete over haul in order for Aralia to provide an elegant, contemporary solution, that could act as a framework for the clients’ to develop over the coming years. Structure and division were key principles in strategizing the generously sized front and back gardens. Parking was moved to the front of the house, allowing Aralia to create a boundary to separate the driveway from the rear garden.

This rear garden itself was divided into a series of individual, but cohesive spaces. The first being a travertine terrace, surrounded by lush green planting, to be used as a living space. The last being a formal lawn, enclosed by double hedging and rows of Pryrus Calleryana. The second room was a balanced combination of the two, creating a traditional threshold. Aralia used architectural planting to provide the framework of space, and populate its interior. Using hornbeam and yew double edges to create amphitheatre-like spaces; repetitive box hedging blocks were paired with Tibetan cheery trees set within, to provide mass and structure.

Other features included in this design were the Automated Iroko hardwood gates, and a mature Portrugese laurel hedge, which were installed to the front boundary of the garden, to provide a formal, clutter-free view of the house on approach.

顏色: Green
材質: 鐵/鋼