Living room 根據 neha changwani 日式風、東方風 | homify

As someone rightly said, It is a wise father that knows his own child and I must say Mr. Prithyani Senior is indeed a very smart and loving man. He knows that two very strong temperaments in one house can clash but instead he organised it in such a fashion, that both his son and he can happily meet midway with each having his call at either side of the roof.The living room was designed keeping in mind the comfort and the welcoming ambience that Mr. Prithyani Senior appreciates as he loves to host people and celebrate life! Not to forget an in-built bar and warm lights to create a lounging atmosphere.His son Vishal Prithyani Changwani, with his young, carefree nature likes a cool and laid-back ambience and so given a chance to get a separate room from his sibling, he created a small world of his own. Triple mood lights, clean white lines, minimal yet comfy.

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