Four season house, 夏沐森山設計整合 夏沐森山設計整合 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片
Four season house, 夏沐森山設計整合 夏沐森山設計整合 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片

This green house is located in Yun-Lin

County whichis a model of happy rural simplicity.

The first impression of the baseis surrounded by cropland, bamboo groves, and country roads. Also, there are several trees on this base.

We retainedthe existing trees and deployed the house shied away all the trees becausewe believe that natural species are the valuables.

The architecture always respect for the environment,so we would reduce the impact of the nature.

Therefore, the designer's aim is tomake the two-story building in harmonywith the30 feet height tree.

The house design can be used by five member family.On the ground floor is a parking space,living room, a kitchen and a bedroom.

Our sight can look through from living room to dining room and kitchen.Each room opens onto the corridor, which is near by the stairs.

The stairs combine all the spaces, making the whole space more fluid and consecutive.

We can have a courtyard view through the French window, which is beside the stairs.

While going upstairs and downstairs, we could feel the tree outside the window growing over time.The center of the house is the stairs as the tree in our life.

While entering this house,we could see the sunlight through thetree and immerse ourselves in sunlight.Sunrise to sunset, we could feelthe variety of the light and winds blowing even stayingin the house.Along with the changes of seasons, the view changes, too.

There is no boundary, inside and outside of the house remainthe same.

Coexistence is the main idea we follow.