Bar 根據 鄭士傑室內設計 現代風 | homify


Located on a sunny, tree-lined street off the beaten path, Oyster Bar recalls memories of Parisian vacations. Patrons can guess that they are in for a relaxing respite as they approach the elegant script font neon sign in the window. The outdoor space of Oyster Bar is bright and simple. The boundaries between spaces were intentionally blurred. Oyster Bar is comprised of white, brown and light gray of the flying buttress-inspired supporting columns, with a few graceful highlights such as gleaming brass and transparent glass punctuating throughout. It is divided by color scheme and the use of materials, which consequently creates a unique visual integrity. Ample sunlight is utilized as a leading décor element and welcomed through the wide open, French windows while translucent glass panels behind the bar allow for the peek-a-boo effect of kitchen preparations as they play out behind the partition. The Oyster Bar is designed with the sort of subtle décor detailing that requires a second glance in order to be fully appreciated, a decision that has been made with such a robust decisiveness that it serves to amply highlight the elegant beauty of the space, beckoning patrons to come in and enjoy the warmth and delight inside.