Art gallery 根據 posamo十邑設計 隨意取材風 大理石 | homify
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Art Gallery 根據 POSAMO十邑設計 隨意取材風 大理石
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Art Gallery 根據 POSAMO十邑設計 隨意取材風 大理石
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Art Gallery 根據 POSAMO十邑設計 隨意取材風 大理石

The POSAMO design team excel in inserting natural beauty into interior design. With the design element of a repository for art, this project is built as an art gallery that combines culture, art, nature, and fashion.

The entrance hallway realizes asymmetrical aesthetics, with different materials used for walls on either side, accentuating the L-shaped picture which extends the visual sweep. The undulating ceiling creates a vision of a wind-swept canvas, echoing the concept of Chinese calligraphic brushstrokes on the stone-paved floor. Designers imbed beauty and aesthetics into everyday life with the use of metaphors.

The edge of the large glass French windows stretches the visual field into the ever-extending horizons of the city. Hidden in the forest in daylight, the viewer overlooks a winding green axis from on high. At night, however, the green path hides behind twinkling lights, creating a vision of the entire scenery brought to you from a panoramic viewpoint.


擅長將自然美景融入室內設計的POSAMO設計團隊,取美術館典藏藝術寓意,將本案打造成匯聚人文、藝術、自然、時尚的art gallery。



設計公司 :POSAMO 十邑設計

設 計 師 :King Wang 王勝正

顏色: Brown
材質: 大理石