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Ivy's Design - Interior Designer aus Berlin 辦公室&店面 金屬 Black
Ivy's Design - Interior Designer aus Berlin 辦公室&店面 金屬 Black
Ivy's Design - Interior Designer aus Berlin 辦公室&店面 金屬 Black

The new space is to be a design studio in the stylish Mitte, Berlin. Berlin was quite polar to what Ivy´s stands for. The space was minimal, the walls concrete, with clear lines and glass walls/ windows on opposite sides, it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase how the juxtaposition of the industrial cold spaces and warm and colourful interior setting can be a marvellous combination.

The studio is divided into two areas: the office space in the back and the lounge area (one that also serves as a showroom) in front. The space is divided, as it is simultaneously connected with a geometrically shaped black steel designer shelve piece from Moome. Since the whole studio space is quite narrow, but long, and very well lit from each side, the purpose was not to cut the place into two smaller pieces but to make it seem more spacious and allow the sunlight to naturally brighten up the space. The steel piece is quite a looker but also has a very multifunctional purpose. As said, the space is an office and a showroom: it has to have the privacy and functionality of a workspace, while the other half must be stylish and decorative enough for the public to be able to see what we do first hand and finalized. Private and public,from the creation of the project to the final outcome, the space embodies the creative process, while the the Moome shelves tie it all up, as they fit aesthetically to both parts. They now serve as plant holders, especially for the Ivy plants.

The existing raw concrete walls served as a perfect canvas to showcase the works of a Croatian photographer Nadja Tobias.  There are also the sculptures of Vesna Salamon and the paintings of Damir Mumbasic seen in the space turned into a gallery.

The custom made wooden armchair made by a local street artist was a starting point around which the rest of the interior design in the showcase area was built.

The brown leather sofa and the black organic material armchair are from Maison du Monde. The emerald suede chairs- a rich colour to complement the earthy tones, are from Agnieszka Kurek, a lady that refurbishes old and unique furniture pieces. The tables stick with the geometrical industrial theme, and remain in slick clean lines and shapes, and can be found in the catalogue of the Dutch Polls Potten. To soften up the space, a jute rug was placed beneath. To continue on the natural elements, a banana leaf tree was planted at the window. And the curtains are something that has to be mentioned, as they are the integral point of all of Ivy´s designs, the frames for the imagery, and are handmade, from Mister Curtains.

In the working, back part area of the studio, black steel floor lamps and beige comfortable armchairs dominate the space. A round wooden table that serves as a dining place and additional workspace is placed by the backyard window.

顏色: Black
材質: 金屬