Spiral roof 工藤宏仁建築設計事務所 露臺 | homify
Spiral roof 工藤宏仁建築設計事務所 露臺
Spiral roof 工藤宏仁建築設計事務所 露臺
Spiral roof 工藤宏仁建築設計事務所 露臺

This is a multi-unit residence, where living spaces, working spaces and a piano classroom of one family unit is added to the existing building of another unit. The spiral roof stretches to the roof garden that functions as soundproof, to the wooden deck, and to each room, creating spaces for everyday family activities. Above the roof, the ocean and the mountains can be viewed – an environment that remains the same as the city changes.

Location ; Kamakura-shi,Kanagawa,Japan

Total Floor Area ; 388.20㎡(New building Area ; 269.21㎡・Existing building Area ; 118.99㎡)

Structural System ; Wooden structure

Photographer ; Koichi Torimura