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Architecture of daily life

LATITUDE is an international group of professional architects and planners who aim to make our habitat more hospitable to human life. The search for new ways of living, current possibilities inherent in new technologies, and new use of materials are part of LATITUDE’s concept.

Based in Madrid and Beijing, LATITUDE provides architecture, planning and design consulting services for governments, businesses partners and organizations. We produce transformative outcomes with a looking far ahead international aspiration and rigorous working attitude. We target major sectors such as technology, education, health care, leisure, commercial and transportation as key factors to increase levels of satisfaction in our lives.   

In 2010 LATITUDE was founded with the commitment to bring a new understanding of how architecture and planning can emerge from combining on-site conditions and innovative ideas. Despite a common practice of designing generic architecture worldwide, we target to design specific architecture which resonates with actual conditions and meet the aspirations of each individual.

We position ourselves on the overlap of the technical rigor and social art. We believe that we deal with our projects in the same way that people deal with their own lives: with pragmatism and intuition, at any latitude.

Gobernador 26, 1ª planta
28014 Madrid
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