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Office of Feeling Architecture, Lda
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Office of Feeling Architecture, Lda
Office of Feeling Architect...
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OFFA is born by the will of experimentalists to respond to the specifics of the current economic and social context. Assumes a reactionary and critical posture using architecture and design as a form of expression and materialisation of its ideology.

Office of Feeling Architecture assumes by definition an ideological insert that does address the architecture and design as platforms for expression of the sentimental field.

ART - WILL - EXPRESSION - FEELING. This nested relationship rules the posture insertion of our business, where the enthusiastic pursuit of symbiosis are framed by the wishes of the client and the search for a unique identity and unequal that materializes in an imagery, that stands itself, creating an identity relationship between the object created and its observer

Avenida da Liberdade nº434 piso 3 Sala 1
4700 – 322 Braga


Arquitetura criativa e inovadora que une o estético ao prático. Profissionais atenciosos aos interesses e desejos dos clientes.
Atelier que se destaca e afirma no mercado pela criatividade e ousadia da linguagem arquitectónica, transportando aqueles que com ela contactam para uma realidade arrojada, inovadora e elegante.
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