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Ain Designs Studio
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Ain Designs Studio
Ain Designs Studio
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From its inception, ain has built a reputation for innovative design and exceptional service. We built this reputation through a broad range of commercial and residential projects. Our aim is to design projects of special materials and quality, with a strong conceptual basis derived from the specific needs and aspirations of each client.

We believe that there are no short cuts to building real trust; it all begins with listening to our clients, understanding what’s important to them, adding value, and following through with design, construction and genuinely sincere service.

ain’s collaborative and rigorous approach ensures the best possible outcomes for the client, community and environment. All of our projects seek to place the human being at the center of the built environment and deliver environmentally, culturally, socially and economically sustainable outcomes for our future.

19 El Rasheed St. agouz
New Cario Cairo
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