Dayan Buensuceso - homify: 媒體與部落客 in Iloilo | homify
Dayan Buensuceso – homify
Dayan Buensuceso – homify

Dayan Buensuceso – homify

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Dayan Buensuceso – homify
Dayan Buensuceso - homify
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Growing up around a mixture of storybooks and architectural or interior design books and magazines, Dayan developed an interest in reading although looking at pictures of houses and their interiors takes up more of her time. Eventually, she got into writing and speaking that earned her a diploma in Communication and Media Studies in the University of the Philippines Visayas.

Her childhood fantasies of creating stories out of home magazines have stuck with her and now have become more technical though she doesn’t mind. For her, learning about flakeboards and corrugated galvanized steel are as fascinating as reading Paulho Coelho books.

Discovering homify and helping others have a better standard of living somehow connect her childhood habits with her long-term goals so she remains at the site. Believing however that 21st century living is both exciting and confusing, she keeps herself sane by blogging, jogging, and doing yoga.

5000 Iloilo


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