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Piurra, lda
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Piurra, lda
Piurra, lda
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The name
Piurra is a toy, a sort of spinning top, that the designer's grandfather (who was a master woodcarver and Gold Leaf applier) did for his grandchildren to play. Rui Viana heard stories, told by his family, about the way his grandfather, with his bare hands, would transform wood into beautiful pieces. Giving the name of the toy to a brand, he pays a tribute to his grandfather who had no time to see him grow.


Rui is also son of a carpenter. In 1995 he finished he’s first course of architecture technical drawer and starts working at architectures offices. In 2001 starts studying product design in ESAD, in Matosinhos/Porto. In 2007 he challenged the owner of the company he worked for to create a furniture brand. Challenge accepted, Rui began to develop the project and at the end of 2007 Piurra was established. In the beginning of 2013 took over the leadership of the company. To continue family tradition related to manufacturing and woodworking, since january 2013 Piurra’s furniture is produced through traditional methods with the support of his family. A traditional carpentry workshop that guarantee high quality production. Products produced by people with particular set of skills, acquired over very long career. 

Our products 

All our products are made by order and produced in Portugal. As such we can vary the dimensions, finishes, colours and configurations to suit our clients needs, always ensuring that the design is respected. Changes that require a significant design work are subject to a design fee. All of our pieces are manly handmade by small-scale companies and traditional artisans. Most of them are family businesses. Buying Piurra products you are supporting local economy. Almost all our suppliers distance 15km from Piurra headquarters.

Rua do Rosário, 193
4050-523 Porto
+351-913468263 piurra.com
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