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Bata Tamas Photography
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Bata Tamas Photography
Bata Tamas Photography
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It is needed to capture a classic and timeless moments, which must work with humility, but I'm trying to see with fresh and unbiased eyes. And trying to go beyond the rigid rules. I am also curious about what other people ignores. I'm trying to catch the rare moments with lots of technical ingenuity. Combining the classic, traditional, time-tested methods with youthful vigor, freshness and humor. I'm looking for places lights interaction, I'm interested in this exciting controversial or pure harmonic conjunctions.

I gained the photojournalism degree in 2008 at the Association of Hungarian Journalists. In the same year one of my photo has been on the front page of the  Photojournalist magazine special issue.

Continuously training myself and I follow well-known domestic and international photographers, photojournalists work, but the most important impression on me is the way we met personal.

1031 Budapest
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