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Alex Jordaan Construction
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Alex Jordaan Construction
Alex Jordaan Construction
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15 years in the construction industry, with extensive experience in Quantity Surveying, has equipped Alex Jordaan Construction with the ability to approach any project with confidence and expertise.  For more than a decade, there has been one constant on every construction site - people. From expertly skilled artisans to reliable, tried and tested suppliers, every project begins with the right skills. We value individual talent, and believe in bringing together the right mix of professionals irrespective of the challenge.
Every project is different, each requiring a tailored approach. Alex Jordaan Construction is the agile, responsive, transparent construction firm that can adapt to your needs to provide creative, practical and aesthetically conscious solutions.

23 Nearby Industrial Park, 10 Railway Street, Woodstock
7925 Cape Town


We were asked to provide a service to Alex Jordaan at one of his customers needing a gas installation. Alex Jordaan knew exactly what his customer needed as regards a gas installation. Alex paid us a deposit quickly and we had no fuss dealing with his company. We look forward to partnering with him and his company on many projects to come. Thank-you!
In the middle of lockdown in 2020 we had Alex and his amazing team undertake a complete gutting and renovation of our flat. The timing was difficult, but with consummate professionalism they completed the job within the specified time, plus agreed upon extra time as we extended the specs slightly. Alex's focus is on quality, and on ending the project on time and within the budget. The result is a beautiful home for us, even 'de-snagged' months later by this highly recommended team.
Alex knows what he is doing and understands the building process. His work is of a high standard and he always delivers. Highly recommended.
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