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Spaces Alive
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Spaces Alive
Spaces Alive
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Founded in 2009 Spaces Alive is a front running Interior Design firm operating out of Pune. Though primarily working in the residential design space the firm has also expertise in executing projects in the Commercial as well as Hospitality sectors. 

The firm looks at creating spaces that not only the owners associate with but also enhance the experience of anyone coming into it. The company guides people through the inquiry, design, estimate and execution phases. Each phase sees the designers take as much time as required for the client to feel comfortable and confident with what the next steps should be. 

Design Services: 


‘EVERYTHING IN PLACE AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING!’ That is largely what the team looks to achieve with each client and each project. The prime focus is on functionality while still creating spaces that are stylish and comfortable to live in. 

Home automation, security, child safety and customization to cater to senior citizens living in the house are thought of and well taken care of through all the project phases.

The team offers its services in new construction, renovation, historic restoration and design recommendations 

Please note: We offer bespoke interior design and installation for mid to high end residential, corporate and hospitality projects. We work on projects valued at 20 Laks and above.


The firm ensures that the commercial space designs look after the functional needs while still speaking the language of each brand that the space belongs to. The team also ensures that the spaces can meet the changes to employee demographics as well as their well being.


Hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges and country clubs are all viable design avenues for Spaces Alive, particular attention is given to design choices within a sphere that usually has significant variances in budgets.

With unique designs and the right mixture of skills in the company, Spaces Alive looks to be able to provide the best possible service to their clients for years to come. 


411014 Pune


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